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What is mestizo?

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The Religion of Belizean Mestizo is Catholic

Mestizo is an european misture with an american indian

If you have a German mom and Mestizo in Mexico you would be called a Mestizo

Mestizos is the plural form of mestizo.

A mestizo is a person considered to be of acially mixed ancestry.

Radical Mestizo was created on 2005-06-28.

49% is Mestizo 10% is European mostly Spanish with some German and Italian groups

Some people from south Texas may be considered to be mestizo, but others certainly are not. There is no place in the world where the entire population is mestizo.

If one of your ancestors was of white/European descent, and one of your ancestors was a Native American, you are a mestizo.

The word "mestizo" is derived from the Latin word "mixticius". In Spain, mestizo refers to "mixed" and is applied to individuals whose heritage is a mix of European and American Indian.

Mestizo: son of Indian and white persons. Mulato: son of black and white persons.

The word Mestizo is not hebrew word. it's a Spanish word that means "mixed-race"

The cast of Mestizo - 1995 includes: Mario Almada Fernando Almada

Ecuador exports bananas and oil, and its population is mostly Mestizo.

The mestizo people would have occupations such as farmers,. shop owners, miners and some would even become artisans.

Mestizo - 1966 is rated/received certificates of: Spain:13 West Germany:16

Yes, I believe the term you are looking for is Mestizo. See more on this at:

Mexican = nationality, independent of race. You are asking the same as what is a mix of American and Creole? If you mean mestizo + creole = mestizo.

Mestizo is Indians from Mexico and other Latin countries producing a child with a white European. Mulatto is a mixture of Black and White.

A mestizo is a person of Indian and European blood

No. He was a Native American of Zapotec origin.

indigenous Indian, Mestizo, white

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