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What is milking the prostate?


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February 05, 2010 6:41PM


Using a finger, or a toy, (some are specifically designed for it) and gently rubbing the prostate. This can release prostatic fluid, "pre-cum", and of course sperm without achieving an orgasm, and sometimes with out any sexual pleasure.

I have prostate orgasm every week, this is better than just with your hands. It may be multiple flows, multiple orgasm movement, can control to last longer or totally out of control as it will push you through multiple orgasm. To maximize prostate orgasm, you need a prostate massagers such as Aneros. Also, lots of lubrication. To start, you need to get a smaller one till you are familiar with it, you could use Aneros Progasm for advance user like me for ultimate prostate orgasm. You can check this blog to have the ultimate prostate stimulation