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What is mirage island?

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It is an island that you can see sometimes, and can't. To got there, talk to the man in Pacifledog, and if he says he can see it, travel east until you find it. Good luck! Hope this helped!!!!

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What are the wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?

mirage island mirage island mirage island mirage island

Where is mirage island in Pokemon Pearl?

Mirage island is not in Pokemon pearl.

How do you get too mirage island?

to get to mirage island you have to snap your game in half and put it back together in a different way and mirage island is permanently there

What Pokemon appear on mirage island?

The only Pokemon on mirage island is wynaut

What PokΓ©mon is a mirage island PokΓ©mon?

Wynaut is the only Pokemon you can get in Mirage Island.

Where is mirage island in emerald?

you find mirage island outside pacifidlog town when you have a mirage sensitive pokemon. you have to talk to an old man in the southeast corner of town without a hat. if he says "i can see mirage island today!" then then you have a mirage sensitive pokemon and can visit mirage island on route 130 or 129

What is the Pokemon you need to go to mirage island?

You need a full inventory of Pokemon to get to Mirage island. You Pokemon give a random number and if it matches with the old man who watches the island, then you can go to Mirage island. Mirage island will only be available for that day.

When does Mirage Island appear in Emerald?

Mirage Island appears when you have got a Wanuat. Sometimes Mirage Island appears and sometimes it doesn't - the old man will normally say " I can't see Mirage Island today" but rarely he will say he can - and that's when it appears. DO NOT let your Wanuat evolve otherwise you will not find Mirage Island.

What is there to catch on Mirage Island in Pokemon Emerald?

When you get to mirage island you will find ONLY wynauts.

What is an easier way to get to mirage island on Pokemon emerald?

There is NO easier way to get to Mirage Island. You have to wait till the man can see Mirage Island and then head for Route 130.

How do you find mirage island in ruby?

go to a house in pacidolog where two men talk about mirage island the second guy randomly tells you if the mirage island appeared or not (if he says theres no mirage island you should wait until the next day) if he says that theres mirage island surf east (dont go to the fast currents take the other side) then in mirage island you well find wynauts n the grass and a really rare berry which you can receive only in mirage island

How you get to the mirage island emerald version?

the same way u get to mirage island in sapphire and ruby

Where is mirage island in pokemon?

Well its kind of close to sotopolis city and mirage island is a cheat

Which Pokemon can take you to mirage island?

All the Pokemon if a man i can see mirage island take them

Where is the mirage island in Pokemon Emerald?

Rarely Mirage Island will appear on the Route east of Pacifidlog Town.

Where is mirage island located In Pokemon sapphire?

i don't know ,but i heard you have to get a mirage island compatible Pokemon

How do you get mirage island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There isn't Mirage Island in LeafGreen, only in Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald.

How do you get to Mirage Island in Pokemon?

One Pokemon's (hidden) Mirage # in your party has to match the day's Mirage Island #, then surf east of Pacifidlog and you will see Mirage Island. The old guy staring out the window will otherwise say "I don't see it today".

What Pokemon do you need to go to mirage island in Pokemon ruby?

you'll need a Pokemon that knows surf and a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive but you don't know which Pokemon are, it is random. you can find out by going to the man in pacifidlog who is searching for mirage island. if he can see it, you have a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive

Can you get dexoes in mirage island?


What is at mirage island?

Wynaut are the only Pokemon there and the rare berry only found at Mirage Island, the Liechi Berry.

Where do you find skill tag on Pokemon emerald instead of mirage island?

you can find a skill tag on mirage island.

What is the code for mirage island?

when the code matches your Pokemon's ID number you can get in mirage island. P.S. its extremely rare

What do you need to get to mirage island?

You don't need any item, but mirage island is assigned a random # daily that coordinates with the # of one pokemon in the game, if you have that pokemon in your party with the corresponding # of mirage island, you can see it and travel to it.

How have go mirage island in ruby?

Mirage island is extremely hard to get to. Each day, Mirage island gets assigned a random number. To get there, one of your party pokemons must have the same number as mirage island, making the chances very small. However, you can get there, and if you're as lucky to get there, you can catch a bunch of Wynauts there