What is modified life insurance?

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Modified Life Insurance is Ordinary Life Insurance under which premiums are calculated so that the first few years of premiums are less than normal, and subsequent premiums in later years are higher than normal. This type of coverage may also be called Graded Premium Whole Life Insurance under which insurance premiums are lower than normal for the first few years, then gradually increase for the next several years until they become level for the remainder of the policy.

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Q: What is modified life insurance?
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Is inherited life insurance taxible?

The death benefit for life insurance is not taxable assuming it is not a Modified Endowment Contract.

What is modified whole life insurance and how is it different from regular life insurance?

Modified whole life is a whole life policy that charges smaller premiums for a specified period of time after which the premiums increase for the remainder of the policy. Whole life often can change unrpedicatably due to inflation.

Is life insurance pay out taxable?

No it is not assuming the policy isn't a Modified Endowment Contract.

What is Modified premium life insurance?

Indeterminate premium

What is Modified whole life insurance?

This type of insurance is kind of like an ARM mortgage. You pay low premiums for a set time, but then they increase after that.

What are the disadvantages of a Modified whole life insurance policy?

A major disadvantage of a modified whole life insurance policy is that you can never change the face value on your policy. Additional coverage would require the purchase of an another policy. Also the growth potential on your policy is limited.

What are ways to buy modified car insurance online?

You can purchase modified car insurance online from the Nationwide website. You can also receive advice on how to purchase modified car insurance on websites such as Confused and Money Supermarket in their car insurance sections.

The term of an insurance contract can be modified by a?


What kind of life insurance starts out as temporary coverage but can be later be modified to permanent coverage without evidence of insurability?


Where can someone find information about getting their car insurance modified?

There are many places with information about getting one's car insurance modified. One of the best places where one can find this is the insurance agency that they are currently signed up with.

Do you need a will for life insurance?

You do not need a will for life insurance. I don't have a will, but I have life insurance. ;)

What products does AAA Life Insurance Company offer?

AAA Life Insurance offers three main types of life insurance policy these include Whole Life insurance, Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance.

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