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What is more desirable inflation or deflation?


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It depends ..


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Inflation is when the value of money declines so it takes more dollars to purchase the same goods or services. Deflation is the opposite.

Farmers wanted inflation and business owners wanted deflation

Inflation is a steady rise in the level of prices and deflation is a steady fall in the level of prices.

inflation is both good and bad.. however, if compare with deflation, inflation is less evil.why?? consider these..-deflation decrease the national income of the community and pauperize society as a whole.-deflation increase the level of unemployment.-it is easier to control inflation but hard to recover from deflation.-mild inflation may stimulate economic growth.

False!Inflation means a dramatic increase in prices. The opposite of inflation is deflation. Deflation is a dramatic decrease in prices.

inflation is a situation when prices persistantly rise in the country on the other hand deflation is when there is excess supply of good in a country when we remove inflation then unemployment creat

The lowest inflation rate in the world is 0% in Japan. There are countries in which there is a negative inflation, but these cases are not called low inflation, they are called deflation. the highest deflation rate is 3% in Nauru (you may as well call it a -3% inflation)

yes, my own opinion is good to the country,but permit me to say the little i know about (inflation) and( deflation).inflation...means when there is excess of money circulating within a given country while deflation means when there is less deflation is good for a country in a way that,there will be no inappropraite in terms of goods and services,,

Deflation is the decrease in the general price level. It can also be referred to as negative inflation. Disinflation is a fall in the rate of inflation (i.e., from 4% to 2%).

Deflation is decrease in general price level of services and goods. Deflation occur when inflation rate is 0%

a very interesting question. Personally I don't think its possible to solve deflation by adding taxes. It will only put more pressure on the suppliers and consumers. The result of this policy when we have deflation will be even deeper depression.

During periods of deflation, all asset classes are sold and decline in value. However, Gold statistically does not correlate with either inflation or deflation. The related link investigates the issue in more depth.

inflation ,deflation, interest rate

Economic inflation or just inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. Central banks attempt to stop severe inflation, along with severe deflation, in an attempt to keep the excessive growth of prices to a minimum. Inflation or deflation will always occur in a economy but the role of the Fed is to make less severe.

Nobody could afford to pay the prices for crops that the farmers expected. Also, the debt which farmers already had would be much easier to pay off if the economy was going through inflation. (Inflation for example would be if an ordinary dollar bill's worth was increased to 2 dollars; deflation is when a dollar's value is decreased.) With deflation, the farmers must pay with more dollar bills, and during inflation, they would have to pay with fewer.

As much silver as the US currently has. It printing more or less would cause inflation or deflation.

Yes high inflation always harm ppl. In high inflation there is an inc in prices of all goods. Poor become more poor. Basic necessaities are more dearer. But consequences of inflation re less harmful than deflation. Both inflation and defltion are harmful for the economy . A balance between both is a balanced econony

No, we are actually experiencing a low rate of inflation. In 2009 there were 8 months were we actually saw deflation.

Inflation in Japan is negative, Japan had deflation. Meaning the cost of everything is falling, rather than increasing.

Economics: During Deflation the price of goods and commodities goes down. A Deflation is the situation exactly opposite to inflation. Usually during a deflation there is a significant shortage of money and credit. You can find instances of Deflation in the world history during Wars... Geology: The lifting and removal of loose material by wind. (In the desert, resulting in desert pavement)

You are possibily reffering to the inflation and deflation of a frogs "VOCAL SAC."

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