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Louis Vuitton is much more expensive.

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What is the highest ranked purse brand?

That's a tough one. Its probably ranked in different ways... This is what I think... Most Expensive and Lux. 1.Louis Vuitton 2.Channel 3. Coach Most Popular with teens-young adults (college kids) 1. Vera Bradly (EW!) 2. Coach 3. Juicy Couture Most Classic 1. Louis Vuitton 2 Coach 3. Gucci So in my opinion I think Louis Vuitton is the best.

What designer brand is most often reproduced as fakes?

Lots of purses, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, etc.

Is Louis Vuitton a boy?

Yes.....Louis vuitton was a boy.He is the founder of French fashion house - Louis Vuitton.

What are some great holiday gift ideas for a person who loves to shop?

Coach purses, Louis vuitton purses, scarves, high heels & a peacoat . gift cards

Is Louis Vuitton female?

Yes Louis Vuitton is female

Is your Louis vuitton?

t is my louis vuitton # SF1688 real?

What is more expensive coach or lx?

its depends on what type of coach or lx bag you buy. but i think that coach bags are more on the expensive side

What are some famous designer handbags?

Designer handbags have become very popular, one of the most well known is Louis Vuitton. Some other famous designer handbags are Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Coach.

When is Louis vuitton sales?

Louis vuitton does not have sales. If you see a Louis vuitton item on the internet that says it is being sold by Louis vuitton and is on sale, it is a fake. the price on the item is the price you pay.

How much is Louis vuitton worth?

450 million dollars the real Louis vuitton bags will cost you 1000usd or more, while the replica just cost you about 200usd or more,you can buy according to your will.louisvuittonbagoutlet.net can give a choice for your choose.

How do you pronounce Vuitton?

It's pronounced Vuitton ( Vee-toone) for the Asian name And ( Vee-t-awn) as I'n Louis Vuitton.

What is a Louis vuitton bag?

Louis vuitton is a brands of bags ,i like Louis vuitton bags and chanel bags very much.

How do you get a cheap Louis Vuitton handbag?

If you find a Louis Vuitton handbag that's cheap, it's probably a fake and a knockoff. They sell it in the malls. Real ones are much more expensive.

Is Louis vuitton French?

Louis vuitton is a french luxury brand

Who designed the Louis Vuitton handbags?

Louis Vuitton was the first to design them.

What is the slogan for Louis Vuitton?

Epileather is the slogan for Louis Vuitton.

What Luis vuitton purse is that?

You spelled it wrong. It's Louis Vuitton.

Major fashion companies?

Chanel Coach Gucci Prada Hermes Steve Madden BCBG Juicy Couture L.A.M.B. Louis Vuitton Dolce and Gabbana DKNY Versace

What kind of jewelry does Selena Gomez wear?

i think she wears expensive jewelry like gucci prada bvlgari coach louis vuitton all kinds of different jewelry

How much does a Luis vuitton cost?

The cost of a Louis Vuitton purse will depend on the model. Some of the entry level LV purses can cost as little as $500. If you want one of the more premium purses, you can expect to pay $5,000 or more.

Who is xavier Louis vuitton?

Xavier Louis vuitton is a new brand of wine.

Where is Louis vuitton manufactured?

Louis Vuitton products are manufactured in France and Spain

Did Louis vuitton have children?

he had only one son and his name is Georges Vuitton

What languages did Louis Vuitton speak?

Louis Vuitton was French. He spoke French.

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