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i think fords are better

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What is the most popular cars in buffalo New York?

Chevys and Fords...lots of Cobalts

Are fords better than Chevys?

Yes because chevys commonly break down and are far less dependable. this guy is so right. chevys have worse transmission, worse clutches, and a lot more

What type of a car has a 5.0 liter engine?

fords 302, chevys 305. one of the most popular one i would say is the mustang.

Taking a poll as many people as possible fords or Chevys?


Which is better Chevys or Fords?

That's like asking whether Shell or Exxon petrol is better.

Where is the fuel pump reset on a 2003 Chevy Suburban 1500?

Chevys do not have one. Only fords have them.

What is flo rida family like?

they r cool just like fords unlike chevys dodges are ok but fords r still way better

Do you prefer Chevy or Ford why?

ok a Chevy is what i perfer because, in the ford the transmitions always blow and sparks always go bad really fast and a Chevy is used more for towing and has a longer lifetime than a ford. also when you listen to then a Chevy runns better. ya right a ford runs better fools. fords have a better transmission. my family is a car family we own about 12 carlots and fords sell about ten times more then chevys. and we own a macanic shop and chevys are the most getting worked on. also all the old chevys arent running and theres a model t that still runs.

Best used trucks?

Chevrolet makes the longest lasting, most dependable line of trucks. I disagree. The best used trucks to get are Ford trucks. Fords engines last longer then chevys. But fords must a little bit easier.

Witch is better Ford or Chevy?

fist off you spelled which wrong and Chevy because fords stall and chevys haul. And you can't spell first either

Which cars were popular in 1920?

i think fords..

What is better Ford or Chevy?

chevy is better because they dont fall apart like the fords plus chevys can haul more. if you go on you tube and look up videos on them you will see. ford is ok but i dont know whats your opion?

Which side is bank 1 on a 2005 durango?

bank 1 is the side of the engine with the #1 cylinder..chevys--1357..fords--1234..of course 4 cyl engines do not apply

What vehicles have a 5 x 5.5 lug pattern?

idk about other vehicles but i know rangers and broncos have them old fords 2wd full size chevys and dodge trucks

Who invented the race car?

moonshiners in the 1930's they needed fast cars to smuggle illegal booze so they souped up old fords and chevys and it all started from there

Where is the Chevy Suburban manufactured?

Where Chevys are manufacturedOften Chevys and Fords are manufactured in Mexico and Canada as well as in the United States of America. Janesville, Wisconsin is one US factory location that once built suburbans. It has since closed. It may re-open if vehicle demand picks up significantly for GM.

What was Fords most popular?

the ford f150 2012 model

What are the most dependable used cars?

Some dependable used cars are Hondas, Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys. It all depends, however, on mileage and the vehicle history of the used car that you are looking to purchase.

What is a popular Ford car?

One of the most popular fords is the F-150, followed by the mustang.

What is the most popular car on the road today?

Fords and honda accords are most popular on the road today.

What is Chevys Fresh Mex's population?

Chevys Fresh Mex's population is 2,007.

What is the population of Chevys Fresh Mex?

The population of Chevys Fresh Mex is 3,000.

What causes instrument panel cluster to bottom out jump a few times an go back to registering 2001 1500 chevy truck 5.3?

My 2003 FORD does that too. It's just something that Fords and Chevys do.

How good is new Toyota car?

Although Toyota claims to have fixed their faulty accelerator problem, the market doesn't have as much fith in them in terms of the prius. Their other cars stack up well with many fords & Chevys.

Why are Chevy's better than fords?

if you want a truck that rides like a car, chevys are better. If you want a truck that works like a truck, fords are better. My Answer (Tamara Nobles): Chevy's trucks are more appealing than Ford's, but Ford's trucks are sheer work trucks. So I would agree with what's above, but my personal favorite is Ford (with my reasons). I love BOTH Ford and Chevy, always had. But still, I would rather go with a Ford for its more dependable cars.