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Three fourths is more than two thirds.

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Q: What is more three fourths cup of two thirds cup of dry dog food?
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Is two thirds less than three fourths?

Two thirds refers to 66.67% of something whereas Three fourths refers to 75% of something. Ex: two thirds of 100 dollars is 66.67 dollars whereas three fourths of 100 dollars is 75 dollars. Hence - Yes two thirds is definitely less than three fourths. Francine- YES 2 is more than three

How much more is three fourths cup than two thirds cup?

one twelth

Are two thirds and three fourths equal?

No. 3/4 is MORE THAN 2/3 2/3 < 3/4

Is 3 out of 4 less than 2 out of 3?

No, it's more because three fourths is 75% but two thirds is only about 66.6%.

Does nonmetals have more than three-fourths of the elements in the periodic table?

No, but metals have more than three-fourths.

Is it true that more than three fourths of elements in the periodic table are nonmetals?

No. More than three fourths of the elements are metals.

Is three-eighths LARGER than three fourths?

no three fourths is more close to a whole. and three eighths is less to a whole than three the answer is NO, three eights is not larger than three fourths.

Which is more three eighths or two thirds?

Two thirds.

Are they more than three-fourths of the elements in the periodic table are nonmetals?

No, more than three-fourths of the elements are metals. Love, Grahamcracker

Is three fourths greater or less than seven eights?

seven eights is more than three fourths

Three fourths of a certain number is 15 more than one fourth of a number what are the numbers?

Fifteen is three-fourths of what number?

Katie's pizza was cut into thirds Dan's was cut into fourths Katie has more pizza than Dan How Much does Katie have?

There are three answers to this question. The first answer is Katie eats one third and Dan eats one quarter. The second is that Katie eats two thirds and Dan eats two fourths. The last is Katie eats the whole pizza and Dan eats three fourths. But as the instructor wants to see fractions in the answer, I would use one of the first two answers :)

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