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There are various protocols

ftp: file transfer protocol

smtp: simple mail transfer protocol

pop3: post office protocol

ip: internet protocol

tcp: transmission control protocol

ospf: open shortest path first

igrp: interior gateway routing protocol

eigrp: enhanced interior gateway routing protocol

rip: routing information protocol

http: hyper text transfer protocol

udp: user datagram protocol

icmp: internet control message protocol

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The MESI protocol, or "Illinois" protocol is a widely used memory coherency or cache coherency protocol used for "Write back cache" for example. Hope this helps!

Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.

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TCP / IP protocol is the most commonly used protocol suite. The acronym for TCP / IP is Transmission control protocol / Internet protocol , is a standard that includes many protocols. It defines how machines on an internetwork can communicate with each other.

A hypertext protocol is a protocol relating to hypertext. The most well-known hypertext-related protocol would be the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is used to transfer hypertext from one machine to another.

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The most popular example of UDP protocol usage is video streaming such as Youtube, Twitch, etc.

TCP/IP is the protocol used to communicate on most networks.

BGP which stands for Border Gateway Protocol

TCP/IP is the most common LAN protocol.

The commonly used protocols are the TCP/IP protocol suite. This is a set of protocols that work together, not a single protocol.

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It can stand for many things but the most common that it stands for is File Transfer Protocol.

Common Internet Protocol for browsing is TCP/IP.

SNMP is the most widely used protocol for network monitoring

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is the most commonly used protocol for dial-up connections.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the most common protocol used by web servers. It is commonly referred to as HTTP seen in the beginning of web addresses.

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Take a look at any definition for TCP protocol. Most are also written in C.

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