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Start with the cheapest fix first. Replace the radiator cap. If still overheating replace thermostat. Make sure you have a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Lastly if all else fails, check for a plugged or faulty water pump and or radiator.

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You have a virus. Or it is continuously overheating?

Is the secondary radiator fan coming on when the AC is turned on?

only 2 things can cause this. The most likely is that it is overheating... a lot the least likely is that the indicator is faulty or the wrong type.

most likely thermostat stuck less than $ 15 part

If it has the 3.5 motor, it may be a matter of bleeding the air out properly. There are several more common causes of overheating.

Your wrong, I don't have a jeep Cherokee

Some possibilities: Cooling system thermostat has failed - water pump is failing or has failed - the radiator is clogged up - incorrect mixture ratio of water to coolant fluid.

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Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

A failed ECM can certainly keep an engine from starting, but it probably won't be responsible for overheating.

They can if the heads are cracked ,are the intake manifold gaskets were put on wrong when thay were installed. The heads themselves if thay are good heads will not cause overheating. You cannot put the head gaskets on wrong on a small block Chevy engine.

It is probably your fan. Check and make sure your fan is kicking on. Jeeps tend to have problems with their fans not working. If it does not overheat when you are moving but it does when you are sitting still then it is probably the fan.

Something is wrong with the audio file most likely. Try importing and using another audio/music file to see if it skips.

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My dad had the same problem with his sundance and it turned out he had a cracked head. Answer Check your heater, if you turn your heater on and it blows cold air, then its is likely that the water pump has either failed or the belt has separated, either by age or because the pulley has fallen apart (plastic - replaceable)

First, are you low on antifreeze? If you aren't, did you reset the computer? I'm not an expert on Fords but there may be a little fuse box. The blinking one (if there is) is the one you reset.

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