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According to the link below, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Spanish and English come in second and third, respectively. French comes as the tenth-most widely spoken language.

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The most spoken language is Chinese, then the second most spoken is English, and the third most spoken language is Spanish.

Shina is the most spoken language of Gilgit.

mostly chineese. (der) Mandarin the official spoken language, it is '''the common spoken language for all Chinese, regardless of their dialect backgrounds. '''

veitnamese, German and Russian

Gwich'in (or Kutchin) is an Athapaskan language spoken by the Gwich'in, who live in the northwestern part of North America, mostly above the Arctic Circle. There are only a few hundred speakers of this language.

Mostly English,although it is an Italian place.

Basque is spoken in France and Spain, but only as a second language. It has no native speakers.

Language of people of Istanbul is mostly Turkish, but there are some of them who know Kurdish and Arabic.

oppervlak is the word for surface in Dutch language. This language is mostly spoken in Netherlands.

Both of them. But in Haiti only in Hinche Province Spanish is mostly spoken.

The national language of England in 1564 was Early Modern English.

formal language is the opposite to slang. formal language is the opposite to slang and is mostly spoken by posh people.

Bengali with 207 million speakers is the 2nd largest spoken language in India.

The only official language of the Falkland Islands is English, spoken daily by almost everyone. Spanish is spoken by a small immigrant minority, mostly Chileans and Argentines, but it is not official.

The language spoken in the canton of Sevelen is mostly Swiss German, with probably some Italian influence, since Sevelen does not have a single official language.

The most widely spoken language is English, however, it is believed that there are more native speakers of Spanish than English in Los Angeles.

In Southern China, they mostly speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

Because English is mostly spoken all over the world.

any language used in a country other than one's own; a language that is studied mostly for cultural insight or a language spoken abroad

Urdu is a language not a people. It is spoken by the people of Pakistan and some parts of India. It is a Hindustani language form spoken mostly in Muslim communities.

The language that is mostly spoken in The Sahara Desert is ArabicArabic is the main language spoken in the Sahara desertMost speak Arabic.what languages do they speak in the sahra desert

Punjabi is spoken mostly in Pakistan, but is also spoken in India along the border with Pakistan. The region where it is spoken is called the Punjab region. Punjabi is spoken by about 48% of Pakistan's population. It is the most common language, but it is not the official language (Urdu is). The Punjabi are also an ethnic group that makes up 45% of Pakistan's population.

Bantu is a family of about 535 languages, mostly spoken in the African country of Cameroon.

Any language can be spoken as a second language.

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