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A Nara Tree is a Strong tree that is helping Mother Earth being healthy in Philippines This is the most popular tree

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Q: What is narra tree?
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What is narra?

Narra is beautiful tree

Scientific name of the narra tree?

The scientific name of the narra tree is Pterocarpus indicus. The narra tree is a big deciduous tree that is also known as the Burmese Rosewood.

Is narra tree can be used for lumber?

yes.....because narra tree is a lumber tree also ....

What is the meaning of narra tree?

Narra tree is a large tree that can be found in the can make furnitures.....

What is a narra tree?

pangit to.. wlang kwenta.. yan ang narra tree

What is the phylum of narra tree?

The narra tree is also known as Pterocarpus dalbergioides, or simply as a redwood tree. Its phylum is Tracheophyta.

What tree has cures in its leaves?

narra tree

What type of stem a narra tree?


What is the difference between Narra tree and coconut tree?

a narra tree can be used in making furnitures while a coconut tree cannot be used in making furnitures

Meaning of narra?

Narra refers to a renowned Filipino tree. It is lauded for its workability, durability, and weight. It is also the Philippine's national tree.

What is the state tree of the Philippines?

The Narra is the national tree of the Philippines.

National tree of Philippines?

Narra C:

What is the national tree in the Philippines?

Narra, pterocarpus is the Philippines' national tree.

What is the national tree of the Philippines?

Narra, pterocarpus is the Philippines' national tree.

What are the kinds of trees?

coconut tree,mango tree, kawayan or bamboo, narra,

Definition of narra tree?

what plants that have coned shape

What is the root system of Narra tree?

about 1,999m in diameter

Is Narra Tree a Dicot or Monocot?

It's a tricot.

What are the different non-fruit bearing trees?

narra tree,pine tree

Simbolo para sa nasyonalismong bansa?

narra tree

List trees that are hard?

In the Philippines the hardest tree is the narra

What is the strongest type of wood?

the pambansang narra is the strongest tree in the pilipinas

What are the importance of narra tree?

wlaang kwenta talaaga ang NARRA TREE nagtataka nga ako kung bakit naging pambansang puno to ehh. samantalang pambansang prutas MANGGA...LOLZ...

Different types of forest trees of the Philippines?

elm tree,ash tree,pine tree,narra tree.acasia tree,and so many!!....

What tree leaves don't fall off the tree?

narra/ ever green tree leaves do not fall off the tree all togather.