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national socialism is to combine our world and to forget all cast differences. to help and love others. todays science and technologies are the result of national socialism.

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When was The Roots of National Socialism created?

The Roots of National Socialism was created in 1941.

When was National Socialism Association created?

National Socialism Association was created in 2006.

What has the author Verrina written?

Verrina has written: 'The German mentality' -- subject(s): German National socialism, National socialism

What are National socialists?

It is a special form of socialism

What are the differences between Communism and National Socialism?

The main difference is that Communism is far left-wing and National Socialism is far right-wing. Communism is about ultimately giving power to the people and dismantling the state, whereas National Socialism is, first and foremost, about the right of the state, which then rewards the good citizens.Socialism, on the other hand, had more in common with National Socialism, at least at one time. The term 'National Socialism' was coined by Maurice Barres, who tried to marry the anti-semitism of the right and the Socialism, Nationalism and Republicanism of the left. The German Nazi Party, or the NSDAP, originally prescribed to these ideas, but they were quickly dropped in the 20's.

What has the author Baldur von Schirach written?

Baldur von Schirach has written: 'Ich glaubte an Hitler' -- subject(s): Politics and government, National socialism, History 'Blut und Ehre' -- subject(s): War songs 'Revolution der Erziehung' -- subject(s): German National socialism, National socialism, National socialism, German, Youth 'Die fahne der verfolgten' 'Die Hitler-Jugend' -- subject(s): Germany, History, Hitler-Jugend, National socialism and youth, Politics and government

Who were radical nationalists?

-Hitler (national socialism) -Mussolini

What was the german brand of fascism?

NazismNational socialism

What is Hitler's form of fascism called?

national socialism

How did the Nazi Party get its name?

It's an abbreviation of the German words for "National Socialism". The term "National Socialism", like "Peoples' Republic", is derided as having nothing to do with either word.

What has the author Karin Urban written?

Karin Urban has written: 'Das Ausbildungswesen unter dem Nationalsozialismus' -- subject(s): National socialism, National socialism and education, Philosophy

How did members of the National Convention help to birth socialism?

If you are asking about the constitutional convention they created a federal system of government not socialism.

What kind of government was under Adolf Hitler?

National Socialism

Is a trigger mod faster or a button mod?

National Socialism

What does nazi mean in German?

Nationalsozialismus Translated: National Socialism

What is a German brand of fascism called?

Nazism or National Socialism

What has the author M Benad written?

M. Benad has written: 'Akten, Fakten, und Legenden' -- subject(s): Church and state, Church archives, Church history, Ethnic relations, History, Jews, National socialism, National socialism and religion, Persecutions, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of National socialism

What is Communism and Socialism What are the major differences between them?

Socialism is a less restrictive form of Communism. While socialism is communist based, it can fall under various forms of fascism. In fact, Hitler's original party was based on National Socialism.

Factors promoting national integration?

socialismeconomic statusresources

What characteristics of German National Socialism are found in the Prussian state?


How did World War 2 affect national socialism?

National Socialism is the full term for Nazism (Nationalsozialismus),and thus the defeat of the Nazis at the end of World War 2 destroyed it in any real sense.

What has the author Wolfgang Beyer written?

Wolfgang Beyer has written: 'Im Swing gegen den Gleichschritt' -- subject(s): National socialism and music, Jazz, National socialism and youth, History and criticism

Was Mussolini a marxist?

Yes, he started out as a Marxist, and the Fascism he later developed is simply socialism with nationalism. Hitler's national socialism is more to the point.

What has the author Gerard Groeneveld written?

Gerard Groeneveld has written: 'Zwaard van de geest' -- subject(s): National socialism in literature, Books, World War, 1939-1945, National socialism, History

What has the author Maxine Yaple Sweezy written?

Maxine Yaple Sweezy has written: 'The structure of the Nazi economy' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Economic policy, German National socialism, National socialism, German