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Natural wax polish is made from beeswax. It's the substance the bees cover the cells of the honeycomb with, once they've been filled with honey. Bee-keepers scrape the beeswax off the combs during the honey-making process, and sell it on to manufacturers.

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Q: What is natural wax polish based on?
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What is the best polish for an oak dinning room table?

A wax based polish.

Liquid wax for vinyl floor to polish by mopping?

Mop & Glo is a type of liquid wax for vinyl flooring that you might polish by mopping.

How do you cut and polish cars?

polish it with a cutting compound and then wax after and cut it with a buff

Is it ok to wax polish classical guitar wood?

You can try to wax it as long as the wood is coated.Alot of brands sell polish and wax for guitars.Those might be the best for your guitar. I would however disadvice to wax an uncoated wood.

Which is better car polish or car wax?

It depends on your definition of car polish, polishing compounds take a little of the corrosive glaze that eventually attacks all paint jobs. Car wax puts a film of wax polish to protect the paint job. Many automobile painters I have conferred with tell me if you want to restore the paint job use polishing compound and then put a coat of wax polish on it. Polish if meant as car polish would be just like car wax it puts a film of polish on the paint to protect it. I do not have the information about the brand of polish, for that I would consult the internet.

Is there wax on apples?

it is the natural wax .

What is the difference of a car polish and a car wax?

The main difference between car polish and car wax is that car polish actually cleans the car's surface, but car wax is more of a sealant or top coat to use on an already cleaned vehicle. Ideally, one may wish to use car polish and then car wax in that order for a clean, shiny, and protected finish.

Is wax natural or artificial?

Natural silk is a proteinic fiber (sericin and fibroin).

What is a good and natural dye resist for dyeing fabric?

Wax is a traditional resist for water based fabric dyes.

Which furniture polish has the least wax build up?


What is waxing wood?

Wood wax is a type of varnish/polish

Will fingernail polish remover remove wax oxidation from fiberglass?

no it does not