What is needed to recover a system using erd?

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An ERD for that system.

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Q: What is needed to recover a system using erd?
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What is ERD of payroll management system?

School management system erd

How can you recover a recent backup file you accidentally deleted?

Restore your computer to an earlier date when you had saved your file or Using ERD Commander disk to recover deleted files. Generally the second option works more better because i have used that.

How do you draw ERD and DFD for employee attendance system?

It is not possible to draw ERD for attandence because employee attandence is basically a primary key and drawing ERD would violate its referential integrity

What is Conversion cycle in accounting system?

erd of online bank

You really need the ERD and DFD of an university management system?


What is republic trs erd?

Trs stands for tax refund system

How does ERD relate to software engineering?

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD's) are one of the main tools used in the software design process. Creating an ERD produces a conceptual data model of the information system. It allows software engineers to understand the system data requirements more comprehensively.

Erd diagram on patient information system?

entity relationship diagram for patient information system

Draw complete ERD for a student information system?

draw EDR for a student information system

Er daigram an dfd for restaurant management system?

erd for restaurent managment and billing system

What is the difference between entity relationship diagram and data flow diagram?

DFD basically describe the flow of data, means how data can be flow in a system where as ERD defines the relationship between entities. -> There is no such constrainst like cardinality,participation in dfd as compare to Erd.. ->In DFD, we show the storage of file using Parallel line where as ERD is just a conceptual represantation of data... ATUL

Er diagram for sales and purchase management system?

yes,I want erd and dfd of sales and purchase system.

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