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What is non poini pollution?

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The 5 types of pollution in geography is light pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution, point source pollution and non point source pollution.

Non biodegradable materials cause pollution because they can not be recycled and produce various gases or chemicals and cause pollution.

Pollution is a abiotic limiting factor because pollution is non-living.

spraying of pesticides on crops

There are no npn-livimbg organisms.If an organism is non-living it is dead. Pollution does not affect dead organisms.

Acid rain is a non point source pollution. A non point source pollution is a form of pollution which forms in a very broad area and enters the polluted area in small, diffused flows. Since acid rain forms in the sky, and falls to the ground a little at a time, it is considered a non point source pollution.

pollution that comes from a large area and not from a single source

Non Point Water Pollution is where the pollutant does not enter from the source, rather anywhere else along the river. =P

no they need no shelter, water or food pollution affects these things if not for heat and pressure non living things could survive on mars.

Nothing, "non point pollution" is a meaningless English phrase, did you copy it down correctly, it seems to need extra words to make sense.

Point source pollution has a definite, indentifiable source; a spilled oil drum. Non point source pollution does not have a definite, indentifiable source; the millions of vehicles polluting the atmosphere.

Answer Non point source pollution is a widely spread pollution that cant be tied to a specific source of origin. Such as road runoff. Answer In air pollution this called fugitive emissions. It is generlaly looked at as the cumulative small leaks from valves, flanges and fittings in an entire process unit

Point-Source Pollution is pollution that comes from a specific site. Nonpoint-Source Pollution is pollution that comes from many sources rather than from a single specific site; an example is pollution that reaches a body of water from streets and storm sewers.

non-point pollution is pollution that has no specific source or place of where it came fromex. runoff of gasoline from cars off the roadpoint pollution is pollution that hsd s specific source or place of where it came fromex. an oil factory spills into the sea

point-source of pollution is easy to because we can control it at the same site where the pollution source is originated. Nonpoint source pollution is difficult to regulate.

The major disadvantage of using synthetic material is that they are non bio degradable . Thus they cause pollution like soil pollution and water pollution.

The only threat which has recently emerged is the non-stop dumping of pollution in the seas which affect the Stingray's prey

(Jertimothy Lumbang) was discovered this way to combat pollution 1.To Plant all the of the non trees.

Rusting, pollution and the spoilage of food.

bad pollution in the air

Nonrenewable resources cause pollution; also they cause acid rain and greenhouse effect when burned

Air pollution can effect biodiversity as well as point source and non-point source pollution. This so because they if they build up, they can make organisms die

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