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Depends on the man but mostly within 10 minutes of entering you.

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Q: What is normal timing of ejaculate for man during sex?
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How much ejaculation is normal for a man?

Semen is released during ejaculation and the normal semen volume ranges from 2 to 5ml per ejaculate.

How much semen comes out during one ejaculation?

a normal man ejaculate semen about one tea spoon or big spoon.

How many times may a man ejcaulate?

Varies from person to person, some will ejaculate once and be normal and others will ejaculate 4-5 times and it be normal.

Why is a man unable to ejaculate during sex?

Simply nerves will do it.

One of your balls have got lots of blue vane's attach to my ball and the overs fine is that normal and iv not ejaculate before and I am 14?

this is normal it's called blue balls.... you see... a man or boy will get this when they don't ejaculate if you were about to ejaculate but diddnt... and repeat this... you will get this... just ejaculate

Can a man pre-ejaculate more than once?

Yes. He can pre-ejaculate many times during sex

How many times can man ejaculate during sex?

depends on the guy.

Is it normal to want to see another man ejaculate in your wife and then see her lick him clean?


What would cause a man not to ejaculate during sex and sweat real bad?


How long should a man take to ejaculate during sex?

on average between twenty to thirty minutes would be normal n ok. after which the couple would choose to do another round of sexual intercourse inwhich the male might take a longer time to ejaculate.

Why doesn't a man ejaculate during sex?

So that he can please the woman until she orgasms before he does.

Does it take a man long to ejaculate with a big woman?

How long does it take a man to ejaculate with a "normal" woman?Just having the woman be big or plus sized doesn't effect the length of sex. It's still the same procedure.

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