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Q: What is notice period if interviewer asked means?
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What do you mean of lieu of notice?

Lieu of notice means that your employer is paying you upfront so you do not have to work out your notice period.

What does being a profectional educator mean to you?

You are probably referring to a "professional" educator. This is a question that may be asked during a job interview. The interviewer wants to know whether you are serious about choosing teaching as a profession. Not everyone wants to teach; thus, the interviewer is trying to find out if teaching is the occupation you truly prefer. The interviewer will ask whether you are training for this profession (and why); and you will be asked what you think a teacher does, and what it means to you to make teaching your career.

What is a liquidation notice?

If this question has been asked in relation to the Indian laws than a liquidation notice means in orders issued under the Indian companies act 1956 seeking the liquidation of the company on account ofseveral reasons including Default in payment by the company. did notice is for a period of 21 days and if the company fails to show cause or make payment, then the issuer of the notice can seek liquidation of the company.

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That just means the teacher asked him why he was up probably to get him to sit down. He answered he was flirting with Chelsea means that he was trying to get her to notice him. :) does this help?

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It means exactly what she says: You are a slob. Period. Maybe not to the extent you would notice, but certainly to the extent SHE does.

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Differentiate between personal interview and questionnaire interview?

Personal interview is you are face to face with the interviewer while the questionnaire interview means the interviewer will only give you a sheet of paper with questions.

What does notice of litigation threshold means?

Notice of litigation threshold means that someone has legal proceedings about to be brought upon them and that the notice is to make them aware of those proceedings beforehand.

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