Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What is number 494s name in Pokemon pearl?


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uh sorry there're only 493 pokemon.


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In Pearl, the name rater is in Enterna City.

Yes, and No. You Can find the Pokemon Chansey, But there are no Pokemon by the name of Chansy capturable on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions.

After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl there will be Pokemon Battle Dimension.

you re-name your Pokemon in Pokemon pearl by going to eterna and going the the building right above the 2nd gym. you talk to the old guy. he is called the name rater.

I am sorry to tell you, but there is no such place as Springfield in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Perhaps you are confusing it with the name of another place.

If you mean the Sinnoh Pokedex, then it's Barboach. If you mean the National Pokedex, then it's Slowbro.

No, Pokémon Pearl is for the Nintendo DS.

The Name Rater is located in Eterna City. He is in the building next to the Pokemon Mart.

# 117 is: SEADRA- a water type Pokemon entry: It's spines provide protection. It's fins and bones are prized as traditional medicine ingredients.

The Name Rater is in Eterna City, on the right of the PokeMart.

Well that is the name of the video game.You can't become a "Pokemon Pearl."If you wanna buy the game go to your local video game store.

there is no such thing as the name deleter but there is a person in eterna who will rename your Pokemon and in canalave there is the move deleter.

Its all ways saying its name on pearl and diamond!

you have to use an Action replay cheat.

in eterna city there is a man who rates nicknames Of Pokemon (traded Pokemon can't be nicknamed)

The name of the 3rd Episode in Diamond and Pearl was called "When Pokémon Worlds Collide!"

MewThree X is a Hacked Pokemon name. MewThree X is just a name that Hackers created. MewThree X isn't a real Pokemon.

you insert the game boy game then turn on Pokemon pearl and there will be a thing that says migrate from, and then the game name and the go to the pal park

The name of the "yellow haired" guy is Barry if you are talking about Pokemon diamond and pearl series.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battle(: IT CAME OUT IN MAY 9, 2009

In eterna city it will have a sign next to it

no, you cant unless you start a new game

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