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Nuru Massage, also called Body Slide is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means "slippery", but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called "Nori". The nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when you apply it to your skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage.

The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed (Nori) and is transparent, tasteless, odorless, extremely slippery and smooth. The gel is cool when applied to the skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse/masseur rubs the body of the client with the nuru gel and slides on it for a sensual body to body massage.

From my research, a nuru massage is a massage where the masseuse would use a special gel and she would use her whole body to massage the client's body. They often both do it naked and sometimes this massage form may end in a form of sexual activity.

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Q: What is nuru massage?
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You can find a nuru massage in Chicago at the Lincoln Park Massage Spa.

Is there a nuru massage in Albuquerque New Mexico?

nuru massage in albuquerque, new mexico

Where is nuru massage legal?

Yes, the Nuru massage is a legal practice in many countries.

Where can you buy nuru massage oil?

There are many online websites where a person can by Nuru massage oils. NuruXpert is one website that sells a few different Nuru products.

Is nuru massage sexual?


Where can you get a nuru massage in Melbourne Australia?

If you are after the Nuru massage that involves body slides on inflatable bed and soapy massage in a shower. Otherwise, you could just get a home delivery and get the lady to do as you instruct.

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Jessie Yum Yum Nurus is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in nuru massages. She is located at Incall in Fairfax, VA.

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Not yet.

Where can I get a Nuru massage in the state of Arizona?

you can't

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Northeast Ohio

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it is not legal

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goto 'Backpage Dallas' under body rubs, search nuru... there are many... John

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yes, BUT you can also get arrested at the same time.

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Yes there is in Houston, TX

Where can you receive a nuru massage in Portland Oregon?

Jenna Lei of Santa Rosa CA is visiting Portland Or. For a few more days. Hi im Jenna! I offer the Nuru Massage. Although I am not Japanese I have been told that my Nuru Massage is comparable to the experience they had in Japan. My seaweed gel is homemade it is super slippery and has no scent, taste or color. I really enjoy offering this unique experience. I will be making my way to the east coast state by state, so if ur interested in experiencing the Ultimate in Erotic Massage, the Nuru Massage give me a call! 707 843 2263

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Nuru massages are offered at many places in Tampa. They are available at Shear Art Salon and Spa, Brian's Massage, and Pain Care Plus.

Where can you get a full body soapy nuru massage in Adelaide Australia?

A full body soapy nuru massage includes the scalp, neck, face, back, arms, abdomen, front of body, and palms of hands. A great place for a massage in Adelaide, Australia, is the Endota Day Spa.

Where can you nuru massage in India?

Poppy's Hotels, Thirumurugan Poondi, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

Where can you get nuru nuru gel?

At the nuru nuru shop For Australians:

Can you get a nuru massage in Orlando Florida?

The answer is YES. But I'm having trouble finding her again.

How can I get a Nuru massage in Philadelphia PA?

There are several places in Philadelphia, PA that offer Nuru Massage services. "Time Fly's Massage" would probably be the best option to go with, as they offer a variety of different services, and even offer first time clients 15% off their first visit. "Time Fly's Massage" is located on One International Plaza, Suite 550/544, Philadelphia, PA 19113. Appointments are available, and they are open every day of the week to satisfy your personal schedule.

What does nuru mean English?

Nuru means 'Light'

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