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Q: What is obama plan in the year 2013 about health care in america?
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What is 'Obama's' point of view on health care?

Obama favors compulsory health insurance for everybody.

What is Obama's' views on health care?

barack obama view on health care that it would be better if he puts it to health insure affordable.... hoped it helpeedd..<3

Why Obama feels there is an urgent need to change the healthcare system in America?

Obama feels there are a lot of problems areas in current health care system. some of the areas that he feels need fixed or modernized are needed in America s health care system , everyone agrees that change is needed.

What Barack Obama has done?

Barack obama has made the health care reform

What actors and actresses appeared in Obama Reacts to Health Care Vote - 2010?

The cast of Obama Reacts to Health Care Vote - 2010 includes: Jordan Peele as Barack Obama

What is Barack Obama issue on health care?

that he cares

What is obama views on health care?

Healthcare for everyone!

How does Obama stand on the health care?

i think that Barack Obama thinks that every one should have Health Care and in order for that to happen he must rase taxes! i think obama wants to help and he has to what he neeeds to get good health care for everyone that might need it

Why is health care reform referred to as ObamaCare?

Obama is the president that proposed the health care reform and implemented it.

Congress will win on Obama Health care?

Congress wins no matter what happens to the health care bill. They have free care... for life.

How much will Obama health care be for low income?


What well Obama do on are health care?

he will make it better. BOOM

What was your favorite part of obama's health care speech?

When it ended

Which policy shows that Obama is a progressive?

Health care reform

Which policy shows that Obama is progressive?

Health care reform

What percentage of world has no health care?

What percentage of America is uninsured for health care.

What was the bill Obama signed?

The bill Obama signed is a health care so all the U.S. citizen get health insurance.Love,Rosa

What were important issues covered in the speech Barack Obama gave?

Obama's speech covered health care, economy, the war, education health care, economy, the war, and education.

What is the most important part of obama's health care plan?

I think it is about the millions of dollars people put towards obama care

How many pages does America's Health Care Crisis Solved have?

America's Health Care Crisis Solved has 272 pages.

What is the cost of health care in the United States?

The price of health care may vary depending on who is supplying the health care coverage. Barack Obama's affordable health care plan supply's coverage based on income.

Will you be paying 3.8 percent tax if you sell your house after 2013?

in the obama health care plan what is the tax if you sell your house in 2013 and what income restrictions and price of house are part of this determination?

How many pages is Obama health care plan?

6000 plus

What are some Pro's of President Obama's health care plan?


Did Obama help craft a health care law called Affordable Care Act?