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What is okay to eat after 48 hours of getting your wisdom teeth pulled?


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I just had 4 wisdom teeth extracted last week. And I recommend soft foods like: noodles, soups, scrambled eggs, porridge, cottage cheese, etc. for the first 3-4 days after getting the extractions. After that it just depends on how fast you recover and how your mouth is feeling.

***DO NOT eat things like rice and potato chips as they can get stuck in the wound and cause an infection.*** After 48 hours you can start eating normally. If there is swelling, eating soft foods is a better idea. Also, if food gets stuck in the holes, rince with water and salt, or use a plastic syringe to clean the holes.


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how long before getting one's wisdom teeth pulled should one drink?

Now that would not be wise. Your not supposed to smoke anything for at least a week after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

Most wisdom teeth are pulled out with local anesthesia. Rare cases of very afraid people has been put asleep.

I just got my wisdom teeth pulled as well about that long ago and was wondering the same thing, but everywhere I have looked it says a minimum of 48 hours to prevent dry socket. Sounds like 72 hours is best though....... Oh well...

For me, they put my braces on, not putting brackets on the ones being pulled, they few months later they pulled out the 4 wisdom teeth.

No. I had my wisdom teeth out today, and one of the doctor's instructions was to not blow my nose for at least two weeks.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be quite painful. You can drink juice after having them removed so long as you don't use a straw.

It is safe to go in a hot tub after getting wisdom teeth pulled however you should avoid getting the water into your mouth. Hot water allows the growth of bacteria and may increase the risk of infection.

Normally, the wisdom teeth--if present--will be pulled. One hopes to retain the molars for life.

I'm not sure if this will help, but when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out several years ago, I returned back to work after 3 days.

sure, why not! but just not right right rightafter...

you probly can but for me personally i wouldnt could there could be a inncedient

yes you can. because it does not have any effect on your wisdom teeth.

No, some can be pulled normally like all the other teeth. Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed. They only have to be pulled or surgically cut out if there isn't room for them to grow in, or if there is some other problem with them. But most people keep their wisdom teeth with no problems. I still have all my wisdom teeth, but I had several other molars pulled before the wisdom teeth appeared due to decay and abscesses. That made plenty of room for them.

yeah, I was told not to smoke for the first 24 hours

Your wisdom teeth do not necessarily have to be pulled out. Usually, the situation is that the gums are not large enough to accommodate all of your teeth, including the wisdom ones, hence they have to be removed to prevent crowding, which can be very painful in some cases. There are a few people whose mouths are large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, so they don't have to be pulled out.

The chances are it will ease your pain! Go for it!

You can remove the cotton gauze when the bleeding slows down a lot.

yes. it wont hurt you it just wont help you.

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