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If you are implying that Jews have many Gods than they don't they only have one.

The Creator has one true name which is represented by the letters YHVH in English. The Hebrew letters are "yud, hei, vav, hei". These four letters are referred to as the tetragrammaton and are a contraction of the Hebrew words for, "was, is, and will be". His true name was only said in the Temple and with the Temple's destruction we lost the correct pronunciation.

In the Tanach (Jewish Bible), there are 72 different 'names' used for The Creator, these aren't actual names though, they're descriptions of Him that are contextual. In daily conversation, most Jews use the name 'HaShem' which literally translates to 'The Name' in reference to His true name.

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Did Romans insist that Jews worship Roman gods?

No the Romans did not force the Jews to worship their gods.

How many gods do Jews worship and what is that called?

Jews are monotheistic and worship only the creator God.

Do Jews worship cows?

Jews do not worship cows; Jews only worship God.Hindus (a completely different religion) venerates cows and considers them holy, but they do not worship cows either; they worship the numerous gods of Hinduism.

What are the major god of judaism?

"gods" are forbidden in Judaism. Jews worship only one God, the Creator.

Who are all the Jewish gods?

Jews worship the One God who created all things, led them out of Egypt and gave the Torah.

How many god do Jews worship?

Jews worship the One God, creator of the universe.

How did not believing that their leaders were gods affect the Hebrews' lives?

It meant that Jews were (are) monotheistic and don't worship people as gods.

Why do Greek societies worship gods?

All societies worship gods - either one god or many.

Who do Christians and Hindus worship?

There is no real answer to this. Christians worship God and Jesus and Hindus worship a plethora of gods, one god, or no gods at all.

Who the Jews worship?

Jews do not worship human beings. Jews only worship God.

What do religions differ in?

The amount of gods, moral philosophy, spiritual practices. For example Christians and Jews worship one God known as Jehovah; Muslims worship the same God, but call him Allah. Hindus and Buddhists have dozens if not hundreds of gods. Just to give an example of one difference.

What leader do Jews worship?

Jews do not worship human beings. Jews worship only God.

Where do the Shintos worship their Gods?

they worship their gods in shrines

Who did the gods worship?

The gods worship their ancestors and life.

Do Jewish people worship other Gods?

No, they only worship one god.

Did the Egyptians worship one god or many gods?

Many Gods. They had around 490 Gods.

How many gods do the Jews worship?

Jewish people are monotheistic, which means they worship one god. Only one. "Hear O Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One" And more than the belief that there is only one G-d in the world, Jews believe that He is the ONLY in the world. There is nothing besides Him.

What kind of gods do Ireland have?

Ireland is a Christian country. So it is the Christian God that most of the people of Ireland have. Jews and Muslims also worship the same God and there are Jews and Muslims in Ireland. There are some people of other religions in Ireland too that would worship other Gods.

Do jews worship in churches?

No, Jews worship in synagogues.

Do Jews worship Moses?

no. Jews worship no human

How does the hopi worship their gods?

they worship kachina dolls who were there gods

Where do Protestants go to worship the gods?

Protestants worship one God in the church of their choice

Why was Ka'bah an important site for pilgrims?

The Kabah was always a site of worship - but it was for pagan worship of hundreds of Gods, one of them Allah! When the Jews rejected mohammeds message, mohammed turned from directing worship to the eternal holy city of Jerusalem - back to Mecca, the ancient site of Arabic worship.

Who do Jews worship at a synagogue?

Jews worship one God, who created the universe (though personal interpretation the idea of God varies).

Do Islamic people believe in one or more gods?

They believe in one God, the Lord of all mankind, the same God that christians and Jews worship. The word for "God" in Arabic is Allah - it is used by Arabic speaking chrisitans and Jews as well.

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