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What is one of the the cities in France?

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Cities and attractions in France?

One attraction is the Eifel Tower

Is France and Belgium both cities?

France and Belgium are both countries, not cities.

How many cities are there in France?

There are about 36000 cities in France, from the largest (Paris) to the smallest village.

How many major cities are there in France?

There is 35882 cities in France, where as in England there is only 50!

What Cities in France begin with the letter M?

Marseille, Metz, and Montpellier are cities in France.

What are the two cities in northern France and two in southern France?

The biggest cities in northern France are Paris and Lille, and in southern France are Lyon and Marseille

What are the top 5 cities to go with your boyfriend?

Heres one, Paris, France

Which are the cheapest cities of France?

If you are traveling to France on a budget then you may want to avoid some of the more expensive cities such as Paris. The cheapest cities are cities such as Nice.

What are the main cities in Provence-France?


What is the three major cities in France?

It is Marseilles , Lyon, Toulouse and Nice are the four major cities in France.

Who discovered Brest in France?

No one discovered it. It grew from a smaller settlement, as do all cities.

What are major cities in france?

There are several large cities in the country of France. These cities include Paris, Orleans, Bordeaux, Cannes, Nancy, Nice, and Lyon.

What are the 5 major cities in France?

There are several major cities that are located in France. The five major cities are Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice.

Were can you see Christmas markets in France?

Christmas markets can be found in every major city in France as well as most smaller cities. Larger cities such as Paris and Strasbourg have more than one market.

What are the four largest cities in France?

The first four largest cities in France are:ParisMarseilleLyonToulouse

Cities in France that start with the letter a?

Angers is a city in France

What are the ten least populated cities in France?

Boulivou France

Names of 5 rivers in France?

5 cities of France

What cities start with letter M in France?

· Marseille, France

What cities are in France?

There are many cities in France. The capital city is Paris, however other popular cities include Avignon, Dijon, Marseille, Nice and Strasbourg. Strasbourg is interesting, as it has a feeling of both France and Germany.

What are the names of some French Cities?

Cities in France include Paris, Limousin, Auvergne, and Bordeaux. Other cities in France are Clermont, Rodez, Poitiers, Aquitaine, and Toulouse.

What are three major cities in France?

The capital and largest city of France is Paris, a major tourist attraction. Two other major cities in France are Marseilles and Lyon.

What are the different cities in France?


What are two major cities in France and why?

2 major cities in France are Paris and Strasbourg because of the incredible historical sites they offer

What happened to the cities in world war 1?

the cities were destroyed,especially those in France as most of the wr happened on france soil