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About $30 today. You can check the daily spot-metal prices in the financial pages of your newspaper or get up-to-the-minute prices from several websites.

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Q: What is one troy ounce silver trade unit 999 fine silver 31.1 grams worth with a weigh scale on the back?
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How much is a 31.1 grams silver trade unit coin worth?

This is 1 Troy Ounce (31.1 grams) of silver. The value is tied to the spot price of silver at time of sale. As of 9-4-11 silver is at $43.25 per ounce.

One ounce of gold is equal to how many grams?

Gold ounces are Troy ounces, NOT the ounce of common trade. A gold ounce weighs 31.103 grams. Check out Troy ounce in a reliable source.

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What is the value of a one ounce silver World Trade coin minted in 1974?


What is a one troy ounce silver trade unit with eagle holding American flag and weight scales on reverse side with no date on it worth?

its a silver trade unit of pure silver. its worth whatever the current silver per ounce price is. you can check online, the price of silver is constantly changing. my suggestion is holding on to it for future emergencies.

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What is the international universal trade unit coin?

the thing you typed in is not a question so i dont know what you want exactly but it is a bullion coin and is worth its weight in silver (31.1 grams) or 1 ounce. hope this helps

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E pluribus unum lady on front one troy ounce 31.1 grams on back with weights for measuring .999 fine silver written underneath says silver trade unit with no dates?

4-20-11>> It's just one troy ounce of .999 pure silver made to resemble a coin and has no collectible coin value. It's called a "Silver Round" many different types exist. Value is tied to the spot price of silver at time of sale, now it's $45.23 per ounce.

What is the value of one troy ounce of fine silver 999 from the silver trade unit with Alaskan pipeline?

Silver is currently selling for about $13.50 an ounce, so expect a dealer to buy a single bar or round for about $10 or sell one for $16.

Are all Morgan dollars made of silver?

Yes. All Morgan silver dollars were made with 90% silver and 10% copper.