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Q: What is one word meaning worn at the edges?
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What is the one word substitute for the overhanging edges of the roof that starts with E?

The word for the overhanging edges of a roof is eaves.

What meaning is attached to the word belter?

The meaning of the word belter could take on several meanings. One meaning of the word belter could mean that something is good or a person does something nuts. Also belter could mean a belt that is worn with a line coming from it which is attached for safety.

What does the word edges mean in math terms?

Edges are one dimensional objects where two planes meet.

How do you tell the age of a mountain?

One way to tell the age of a mountain range is by its height. Another way is by how eroded and worn the edges of the rocks are. The more jagged the edges, the younger the mountains. Heavily worn ranges may be so eroded that they become foothills

Based on your understanding of Greek root words a possible meaning for the madeup word ectovest might be?

Type your answer here... item worn on top of one's clothing.

What is a worn out word or phrase?

a worn out word is one that you use over and over again to where everyone already knows what your saying before you say it

Trade of clothes worn at functions?

One word...Goodwill.

What is a word that is similar in meaning to another word?

A "synonym" of a word is one that can have the same or a similar meaning.

What is the meaning of marathi word bhagyashree?

The meaning of Marathi word is "the one who is lucky".

What is the name for a word with more than one meaning?

If a word has more than one meaning, it is 'Ambiguous'.

What is the meaning of the kikuyu word imue?

The English meaning for the Kikuyu word imue is one.

What is the meaning of the TZ word moja?

One is the English meaning for the Tanzania word moja.

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