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Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain. This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms. It is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Open source software is the most prominent example of open source development and often compared to user-generated content. The term open source software originated as part of a marketing campaign for free software. A report by Standish Group states that adoption of open source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.

The term open source ("OS") describes a type of production, dissemination and exploitation of software opposed to the so-called "proprietary" way of distribution. OS-software is usually produced in a collaborative process by a web-based community. The ultimate aim is to create stable, compatible and free software. In order to achieve this, the source code is "open" for anyone to see and distributed along with the software and the according license. By these means, any user of the software has access to the code, can learn about it and develop it further Free use, modification and distribution is the core concept of OS. Many, but not all OS-licenses are distributed with a so-called copyleft-clause. Copyleft licenses do not only license the aforementioned types of exploitation, they do so only under the condition of re-distribution under the same license. The Open Source Initiative awards a cachet to all licenses that are in compliance with its Open Source Definition, which is a worldwide acknowledged standard. OS-licenses have been successfully tested in courts.
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What is Open Source software?

It means that the source code (code written in the computerprogramming language) for the specified application is availablefor reference or for customization. Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software forwhich the source code and certain other rights normally reservedfor copyright ( Full Answer )

Is SQL an open source software or open access software?

Answer . SQL is not software in the sense that you can run it as a stand-alone program. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is that a language for querying relational databases. It was originally developed at IBM and became the de facto standard relational database query language in the ( Full Answer )

What is open source application software?

Open source application software is a type of software package. Inthis package is every source and compiled file used in its creationfor users to modify, compile, reuse, and distribute for free.

Advantage of open source software?

Free, customizable, free, constantly updating, free, different versions depending on your needs, free; you get the idea.

Meaning of open source software hardware software?

Open source software is usually public, collaborative computersoftware that is licensed for the holder of the copyright tomodify, study or distribute it to others no matter the purpose.Open source hardware has and does everything that opens sourcesoftware does (it even has the software itself), but ( Full Answer )

What is a example of open source software?

GIMP, LibreOffice, Google Chrome, Firefox or Apache Web Server are open source software. You can find large list on enterprise open source software list or personnal open source software list.

Why is Linux referred to as open-source software?

Linux is referred to as "open-source" precisely because it is. Open-source is the ability for anyone to view the code necessary to make the program. The Linux kernel, and most of the programs that are available for it, have their source code available, under a variety of licenses..

What is the difference between proprietary software and open-source software?

proprietary software You need an authorized license paid for in order to use the software. open-source software any body can use, an is usually Free. You can use the software for you personal use. Give a donation is you like it. You are not supposed to change the "code" or modify it.

What are the advantages of open-source software?

There are various open source software available, such as Ephesoft,OpenKM , TreeLine and many more and such open source software arevary useful for business industries for their business growth.Below are some advantages of Open Source Software - Reliability Security Lesser hardware costs Lower soft ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between free software and open-source software?

Free software is software that makes few or no restrictions on what you can do with it or the source code. According to the Free Software Foundation, in order for software to be considered "free", it must: . Allow use of the program for any purpose. . Have the source code available, to see how i ( Full Answer )

What is an example of open-source software?

Content Management Systems - Alfresco, Xaraya Document Management Systems - Ephesoft, OpenKM ERP and Financial Software - NOLA, Compiere Database Software - Firebird, Novinyl

Why is open source software important?

Open source software is important because, there are variousadvantages of using open source software. Such systems are reliableand secure to use. Also lower cost required for software andhardware. Now a days many business industries are using open sourcesoftware such as Ephesoft, Xaraya, OpenKM, Ope ( Full Answer )

Different between software and open source software?

software usually are being sold so their programmers and developers do not want other people seeing their codes so they lock and hidden their code.\nreverse an open source software is a software which it's codes are free too see so programmers develop them and personalize them for their self and so ( Full Answer )

Why is open-source software important?

It's not important , but it's better because the community maintains it. That means you're sure nobody is spying on you as you use it, and you can use it and give it to friends for free . Also, if you're a company, you can hire a coder to modify it to do what you want.

What is the difference between open source software and commercial software?

commercial software is made for profit. it is maintained by a company, and it's code is a trade secret, hidden, "closed source", because you can't see it (and therefore steal it) open source software is free to use. it is created not for profit, typically maintained by a community of individuals. ( Full Answer )

Is open source software copyrighted?

Open source software is software that allows the source code to beused. Oftentimes, they are free to use. Open source software iscopyrighted.

Why is open source software free?

To be precise, it is free in a sense that anyone can obtain the source code and modify it and use it. It does not necesarily have to be free in the sense of 'free lunch' or 'free beer', as the license can be restricted. Most of the time, however, use of open source software is indeed free and one on ( Full Answer )

Impact of free and open source software?

These are often two different subjects. Free software is not necessarily open-source (in fact much of it is not). On the other hand open-source software is not always free. All "open-source" means is that you can acquire access to the actual root or kernel software around which the program is built. ( Full Answer )

Difference between proprietary software and open source software?

From OpenSourceSoftware vs ProprietarySoftware .htm and Wikipeadia Since the dawn of the computing era, manufacturers and consumers of technology have strived to make things smaller. And though it may have seemed a pipe dream to the early pioneers, it's amazing to look back and see how far we've co ( Full Answer )

What is the best open source wiki software?

The "best" will depend on your specific needs / desired features and available software on your web host. MediaWiki (the engine for Wikipedia) is the most popular. Other options include MoinMoin (uses a flat file and Python), JAMWiki (written in Java), ThoughtFarmer (ASP.NET), or UseModWiki (Perl, f ( Full Answer )

What OS was a open-source software?

One of the best examples of Open Source Operating Systems is Linux. It is based on the UNIX operating system, is used by most major banks, has a level of security based on over 40 years of experience, and depending on which version or distro you get its free.

How is vandalism dealt with in open-source software?

Open source means you can see the source code, you see how they did things and can learn from it. It doesn't mean you can edit it willy nilly and it is automatically distributed with your additions.

Is equinox using open source software?

equinox infractructure can be with llinux operating systems, mysql and other open source softwares, it is a matter of choice according to the banking requirements.

What is open source gis software?

Generally you need to pick your source from an existing shapefile. If you have not done so it is considered "open source" This is a guess by the way.

What are the features of open source software?

no limitations at all. Free and cool. nice. However, the pros are better. The feature of open source software:- (1). free redistribution :- the license of open source software specify that any user or any group can modify the source code of any software and redistribute it . (2). source code : ( Full Answer )

What is MPL license for open source software?

MPL stands for Mozilla Public License. NPL (Netscape Public License) gives Netscape the privilege of re-licensing the modifications that is made to the software, they can take those modifications private, improve them and refuse to give the result. Netscape created the MPL, to address this concern. ( Full Answer )

What examples are open sources software?

Content Management Systems - Alfresco, Xaraya Document Management Systems - Ephesoft, OpenKM Configuration Management - Subversion, OpenCM Groupware - Kolab, OpenGroupware Personal Information Managers - Ximian Evolution, TreeLine ERP and Financial Software - NOLA, Compiere Database Software - Fireb ( Full Answer )

Is the Picasa album software open source?

Yes, you can download Picasa album software that is open source. The Picasa Album Downloader can be obtained free to help make the process of sharing pictures easier.

Is Linux Security Open Source software?

"Yes. ""Linux"" is a large umbrella of open-source software under which thousands of programs fall. This includes many security programs."

What are advantages of open source software?

Various business industries are using open source software such asEphesoft, Kolab, Xaraya and many more. Such open source softwareare usefule for following reasons - Reliability Security Choice Fast deployment Lesser hardware costs High-quality software

What does 'Open Source' describe about software?

About "Open Source": Open Source can mean that a program isn't the possession of one person or group of people. It generally describes that the software is free, and the coding to the program is also free for anyone to obtain and make their own additions/alterations to if they want to. So if someth ( Full Answer )

Is Windows and open source software compatible?

They are 2 different things, not compatible in nature. However, you can have a project to have iOS, Windows, Linux, etc all running under your new open source operating system, then the answer may be yes. Windows, from the other hand, never have open source in mind, so itself is definitely not g ( Full Answer )

Why is some software called open source?

The source code is openly available to anyone at no cost (excluding minor copying costs), to study, to improve, etc. However unlike public domain source, open source is copyrighted so that it will stay open (one of the clauses in the copyright requires that if you distribute your changed version you ( Full Answer )

Why isn't all software open-source?

Many makers of software have a rather large financial investment into their software, the making of it as well as the invention of intellectual property that defines its core functionality. It's a business, and these businesses hope to gain back money from selling the software. The open source mark ( Full Answer )

What is meaning of PHP is an open source software?

It means that the source code of PHP (not PHP code, but the C/C++ code used to build the PHP binary) is published and available to anyone. It also means that anyone can contribute fixes and improvements to the source code. Read more here: http://www.answers.com/topic/open-source

Does open source software work with closed source software?

Yes. Interoperability between different software packages or applications is not determined by the openness or closeness of the corresponding source code, but is determined by the interfaces through which the software components interact. Such an interface can be an internal interface through which ( Full Answer )

What does an open source software do?

Open source software allows anybody to revise and reformat the software to suit their individual needs. Open source software is usually developed together and publically.

Why software developer left open source software open?

It enables other programmers to use the code and make improvements and add in their own ideas. That way the software can improve. Good additions to it are kept in and then can become part of the next standard version of the software. It is a great way of improving software and it is good for program ( Full Answer )

Which is a good open source accounting software?

Some examples of relatively well-received open source accounting software packages include Free Agent and Quick Books. These packages allow one to monitor one's finances and easily produce appropriate financial reports and metrics.

What is the definition of open source software?

Open source software is software where the authors have grantedaccess to some or all of the source code. Open source software isnot necessarily free software, but it gives end-users much greaterfreedom compared to closed source software, provided the softwareis used in accordance with the licence ag ( Full Answer )

Is open source software copyright protected?

Copyright protection is intended to provide protection against theft of intellectual property. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) generally specifies that the source code must be distributed with any binary build and that the full original license must remain affixed to the source code. In this ca ( Full Answer )