What is painting or drawing?

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People draw to express the feelings inside them others draw because they like it and yet others are just bored.

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What does someone have if they create a monopoly of a market for a particular product

This type of line makes use of rounded angles

What is a line that is drawn to show the edge and surface ridges of an object

Creating a focal point by placing different values together

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Q: What is painting or drawing?
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What is the prepositions he's good with drawing and painting?

he's good with drawing and painting ?

What has the author Diana Constance written?

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What were picaso's hobbies?

painting and drawing

What is a Preparatory drawing to be reproduced as a fresco or painting?

Underdrawing A underdrawing is the drawing done on a painting ground before paint is applied.

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What are some non-canon My Little Pony names related to art such as drawing or painting?

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What is visual drawing?

Visual drawings are those creations you can look at, such as a drawing or a painting.

What has the author Fritz Henning written?

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