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防風 (ぼうふう) boufuu
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パースニップ is the katakana spelling

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Q: What is parsnip in Japanese by romanji?
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What does romanji mean in Japanese?

'Romanji' is an incorrect transliteration of 'romaji.' It is the writing of Japanese in the Latin alphabet.

What is rent in Japanese romanji?


What goes with a Japanese dragon tattoo?


How do you say coliseum in Japanese?

Kana: "コロッセオム" Romanji:"Korosseomu"

What is the Japanese romanji for the English phrase be safe?

ki o tsukete.

Where can you find Romanji Japanese words?

What word do you want in romaji? Type "how to say _____ in Japanese" into a Google search, and romaji for the word will come up so you can pronounce it. By the way, it's "Romaji" not "Romanji". Roma is the Japanese word for Rome.

What site that I can generate Japanese romanji words?

google translate but its not that accurate sometimes

What is the word 'aquamarine' when translated from English to Japanese?

Aquamarine is written as アクアマリン. When translated from Japanese (kanji) to Romanji, it is written as "akuamarin".

How do you write ayesha in Japanese romanji?

The name 'Ayesha' in Japanese isΓ£β€šΒ’Γ£β€šΒ€Γ£Ζ’ΒΌΓ£β€šΒ·Γ£Ζ’Β£, which in Romaji is 'aiisha'.

Can you translate the dialogues in the discussions in both Japanese and Romanji?

See the discussion tab for the best answer possible.

How do you say empathic in in Japanese in romanji?

共感できる kyokan dekiru

How do you translate Under the Rain to Japanese - Romanji?

雨の下で Ame no shita de