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rotating your hips in a circle while the rest of your body stays upright

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Q: What is pelvic gyration?
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How do you use the word gyration in a sentence?

Gyration is a noun. It was obvious that the crushed top had had it's last gyration. Our Earth makes one complete gyration per day.

Is radius of gyration a constant quantity?

No. Radius of gyration depends upon the axis of rotation of the body.

What is the relationship between Moment of inertia and radius of gyration?

I believe it is I = mk^2 where k is radius of gyration and m is mass.

What is an antonym for gyration?

standing still

Can you make a sentence with the word gyration?

Just looking at the gyrations of the helicopter rotors made me dizzy. Gyration= circular or spiraling motion

What do you know about radius of gyration?

The radius of gyration is a measure, in mechanics, of the distribution of mass in an object relative to its centre of mass or a specified axis of rotation.

Is radius of gyration depend on mass?

i thing radius of gyration does not depend upon mass because it is the distance between reference axis and the centre of gravity.

Radius of gyration of tubular steel of 60 mm diameter pipe?

radius of gyration = sqrt(Moment of inertia/cross section area) Regards, Sumit

What is the radius of gyration of a flywheel in the form of a uniform cylinder of radius 0.43m?

For a solid cylinder, divide the radius of the flywheel by the square root of 2, to get the radius of gyration.

What is physical significance of radius of gyration?

Basically radius of gyration of a substance is defined as that distance from the axis of rotation from which if equivalent mass that of the substance is kept will have exactly the same moment of inertia about that axis of the substance.

What is meant by the word gyration?

The word gyration means the rotation of an item around another item, for example, the Earth's yearly rotation around the Sun. Another example would be a child's use of the hula hoop.

What is formula for radius of gyration?

Radius of gyration is the distance from the centre of gravity to the axis of rotation to which the weight of the rigid body will concentrate without altering the moment of inertia of that particular body.