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Where you do crazy perverted things while having sex.

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What is perverted practice?

ask your mom..... lol (.Y.)Perverted Practice varies from to state to state. In Maryland Perverted Practice is the misdemeanor criminal charge of sex with an animal or oral sex.

What is the most perverted song ever?

I just had sex. Look it up on YouTube it's not really perverted but the whole song is about having sex.

What does 69 mean to perverted people?

It is supposed to be what it looks like through sex

How do you make a sentence for perverted?

Sexual examples would be :"Stop doing that to your sister's doll, it is perverted.""Many people consider sex with vegetables to be perverted.""The priest had a large collection of photographs depicting his altar boys in perverted situations."The word perverted has a meaning beyond the sexual one. "To pervert" is to corrupt, debase, or misuse.Example : "Buying drugs was a perverted use of the charity's funds."Example : "The doctor saw his research perverted by his sponsors."

Why is harry styles favorite number 69?

cause he is perverted and 69 is a sex psoition so

How can sixty nine be perverted?

Sixty nine can be preverted in the sense that sixty nine is a position for sex.

How you use perverted in a sentence?


Are bras perverted?

No, they are the exact opposite of perverted!

Are pentecostals perverted?

No, Pentecostals are not perverted. Why would you ask such a question?

Is 11 a good time for a boy to be perverted?

There is no really "good" time for a boy to be perverted.

What is the duration of Widow's Perverted Hell?

The duration of Widow's Perverted Hell is 1.02 hours.

What is the duration of Preaching to the Perverted film?

The duration of Preaching to the Perverted - film - is 1.67 hours.

If you woke up and you thought you was gay?

If you woke up and thought you were gay... and you knew for sure.... Well, Sir. If you woke up and instantly had a perverted thought about a naughty person of the same sex... And then enjoyed that perverted thought... There's really nothing you could do, Sabijuan. Try to find somebody of the same sex that has mutual feelings toward you... I guess... Hope it works out! You crazy kids have fun!

Why are men so perverted?

bec. they think that the girl they gettin perverted with is gonna get horny with him :P

When was Preaching to the Perverted - film - created?

Preaching to the Perverted - film - was created in 1997.

Perverted things to ask a girl?

Anything that has to do with sex pretty much. It could also be anything that is offensive to woman period. Example: "Can I butter your muffin" ^said phrase can be considered perverted or offensive. Don't do it. The girl will get pissed and probably write you off as a jerk in her book. It won't help you "get any".

What is the difference between perverse and perverted?

perverse means :obstinately contradictory perverted means:corrupt,debased (morally)

Can women be perverted?


Is Dora perverted?


What rhymes with converted?

perverted :)

Is there perverted things in the Disney?


Did nat wolf humped Miranda Cosgrove?

no way whoever asked this is perverted no way whoever asked this is perverted

When was Preaching to the Perverted - The Fuzztones album - created?

Preaching to the Perverted - The Fuzztones album - was created in 2011.

Do guys like it when you're perverted?

That depends on taste. If you're perverted and a guy likes it, chances are he's a pervert himself.

What do girls think of the guys who think only about sex?

we just think those guys are perverted so don't bother telling anyone that that's what u think about all the time.