What is petroleum used for?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It is used mainly for fuel (airplanes, trains, automobiles), as a source of heat for homes and businesses, and in the manufacture of plastics and pharmaceutical supplies, and tar for asphalt.

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Q: What is petroleum used for?
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What can be used instead of petroleum?

CNG can be used instead of petroleum

Is uranium used in the petroleum industry?

Uranium is not used in the petroleum industry.

What is petroleum gas used for?

petroleum is used for cars and for lawn mowers and lots more

What does petroleum prducts do to local ecosystems when used normally?


How is petroleum used as a source of energy?

the petroleum is used as fuel. it is burned, letting out a burst of energy

Is petroleum a gas?

Petroleum is a crude oil that is used to produce gasoline.

How else is petroleum in the US?

how else is petroleum used in the united states

Why is petroleum or coal not used more often?

Petroleum and coal are largely used in chemical industry or as fuels.

Is petroleum used in motor oil?

Yes . . . motor oil IS refined petroleum.

Petroleum fraction that has the lowest boiling point?

petroleum gas. this gas is used for cooking.

What is petroleum's main use?

Petroleum is the raw material for the petrochemical industry or it is used as fuel.

How is petroleum used to make common objects?

It part of the substances used to make things.