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What is physical environment?

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it is the environment that is physical

it has a good physical environment

The physical components of the environment include climate and waterways. You can also consider the trees and landforms to be physical components of environment.

Yes, the physical environment includes landforms.

there physical environment is dry lands and the desert

how does physical environment effect human sediment?

we need to conserve the physical environment in order to live

What does the physical environment include?

Social environment Physical environment political environment

the interrelation of physical and human geography is that all ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- the human environment is dependent on physical environment

The physical environment in Egypt is cruel. This environment is mostly desert and does not support a significant amount of life.

The physical environment refers to the non-environment like mountains. The biological environment refers to the living environment around the living plants or animals.

Opinions vary. I believe people are slaves to their genes and physical & social environment but not to their environment alone.

what was the mayans physical enviroment

Physical Environment is important to man a lot, That is Man can not make his living without it...

Depends on the type of the physical process. Some are beneficial, some are harmful to the environment.

We depend on the physical environment because we need it to do the things that we either have to do or we don't have to do but for the fun of it

Physical Environment and Human Environment

there physical environment is like the physical bodily penis that get hard so you may have enterchores with one anouther.

physical environment, biological environment, cultural environment, social environment and psychological environment.

Physical environment means the area surrounding you. For example your home is good clean living or very dirty. A dirty home would be considered bad physical environment and a clean home a good physical environment.

Physical environment such as temperature have a great effect on a person health or life.

There are major resources in physical environment. Air, water, food etc are some.

A physical or chemical change in an organisms environment to which it responds is a stimulus.

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