What is pig latin?

"Pig Latin" is the alteration of the English language as a game or code. The use of the term Latin is a reference to its sound. As many Latin words end in -us or -um, Pig Latin words end in -ay or -hay).

To form a word in Pig Latin, the leading consonant, or consonant group, is removed, so that the word begins with the first vowel sound. The removed section is added to the end of the word, followed by the syllable -ay. In some forms of Pig Latin, a leading vowel is removed, and -hay is added. Every word (except articles) should end in an -ay sound.


dog = ogday

mailbox = ailboxmay

answer = answeray or answerhay or "seranhay"

To facilitate writing (when the English words are obvious), an apostrophe may be used to indicate the change, e.g. "Ack-jay inay the ox-bay" (Jack in the box.)

Forming Pig Latin

The language works like this.

Say we use the word "state''.

You take off all the letters up to the first vowel. "ate"

Then put those letters at the end. "atest"

And add 'ay' to the end. "atestay" (pronounced "eight-stay")

It's as easy as that. There are more complex versions of Pig Latin Though.

Andhay atsthay owhay itay orksway!
Pig-Latin isn't really a different language. It's kind of weird. It is pretty much a made-up language. Some people in America can say words in pig-Latin quite well without thinking, but it is not a separate language. If you practice, you can speak in pig-Latin too.