What is pinfall?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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A pinfall in professional Wrestling is when both of a wrestler's shoulders are held to the mat for the referee's count of three. If one or both the opponent's shoulders come off the mat before the referee's count of three, it is called a kick-out.

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Q: What is pinfall?
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How do you block pinfall of smackdown vs raw 2011 for 2011?

Block pinfall? Are you talking about reversing it? Just press R2 when your opponent tries to pin you.

In WWE how can you keep your belt without pinfall?

by disqualification

How do you break pinfall in raw?

beat them up till they are weak then pin them!

How do you escape from pinfall in WWE raw ultimate impact?

keep on tapping d.

What are 4 way to score points in wrestling?


Who won at WWE Bragging Rights?

The Miz beat John Morrison via pinfall. The Smackdown Divas beat the Raw Divas via pinfall where Beth pinned Melina. The Undertaker won the fatal four way for the World HeavyWeight Championship via pinfall after pinning Batista with the Tombstone. Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw via pinfall where Chris Jericho pinned Kofi Kingston. John Cena defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in an Ironman match. The score was 6-5.

How do you play cage match in WWE?

Pinfall , Submission , or escaping the cage either from the top or the door.

How do you break pin count in raw total edition?

how i break pinfall in raw total edition

How do you beat john cena on WWE 12?

You can win by pinfall or submission or make your opponent get a count-out

What does onefall mean in WWE?

The meaning of onefall is kind of self explanatory, it means One Pinfall

What is a series in bowling?

It is the total pinfall of three games of bowling The maximum you can get is 900 (300 each game)

How do you win hard core matches in smackdown vs raw 2008?

by pinfall or submission no D.Q,no K.O