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What is pizza in Italian?

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In Italy a Pizza is a pizza, wierd isn't it?

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Italian name for pizza?

Pizza IS italian.

Why is pizza from Italian?

pizza isent from italian.

What is pizza called in Italian?

Pizza in Italian is called pizza, and pronounced the same.

How do you say i love pizza in italian?

I love Pizza in Italian is; Amo la pizza

How do you say pizza in Italian?


Is pizza French?

No, Pizza is Italian!!

How do you write pizza in Italian?


What is the Italian for pizza?

it is the same! Pizza

Is pizza American or Italian?


Hot pizza in Italian?

pizza calda

What is pizza express in Italian?

pizza expresso :))

What is 'pizza time' when translated from English to Italian?

"Pizza time!" in English is L'ora della pizza! in Italian.

What is the name for pizza in italian?

Pizza is the same in English and Italian since it is an Italian loan word in English. The pronunciation will be "PEET-tsa" in Italian.

Is peperoni an Italian pizza why?

Pizza is an Italian food so, you can say that all pizzas are Italian pizzas. Also, peperoni is an Italian sausage.

Difference between American pizza and Italian pizza?

Italian Pizza is usually hand tossed with 100% real or fresh ingredients

What is 'cheese pizza' when translated from English to Italian?

"Cheese pizza" in English means pizza con formaggio in Italian.

What is 'I like pizza' when translated from English to Italian?

"I like pizza!" in English is Mi piace la pizza! in Italian.

What is 'We will eat pizza' when translated from English to Italian?

"We will eat pizza!" in English means Mangeremo la pizza!in Italian.

How do you say pizza time in Italian?

Pizza tempo.

How can you say delicious pizza in Italian?

pizza deliziosa

Is pizza the Italian word for pie?

No pizza is not the Italian word for pie... There are three ways to say pie in Italian and one of them is " torta "...

Should you have Italian food or pizza for dinner?

I think that it depends on what kind of "food" you are talking about and what kind of pizza. Prersonally I would choose Italian food but if its really good pizza then I would eat both. Pizza is Italian food.

What is 'pizza roll' when translated from English to Italian?

"Pizza roll" in English is panzarotto in Italian.

What Italian city claims to be the birthplace of pizza?

The Italian city that claims to be the birth city of pizza is, NAPLES

Is pizza a kind of pasta?

Pizza is an Italian dish not pasta.

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