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Plastic.. Depends what type, but plastic pipes are made from plastic. :)

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Q: What is plastic pipes made out of?
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What are plastic drain pipes of?

There is Black Iron pipe, made of iron. There is Cast Iron pipe, which is black in colour, made from old cars and their parts. There is black ABS plastic pipe, made of plastic. There is Utility pipe, also made from plastic.

Which are the materials or metals used for making pipe?

Before copper and plastic pipes became available people used to use lead, iron or steel to make water pipes. Nowadays main water supply pipes for fresh water coming into buildings are made of plastic and pipes within buildings - delivering water to sinks, baths, showers and toilets - are made either of copper or plastic. Within buildings, pipes which take away waste water - which are also called drainage pipes - are usually made of plastic. Outside buildings, modern drainage pipes are mostly made of plastic but older drain pipes may be made of glazed earthenware (which is baked clay) or iron.

What are pipes made from?

Pipes are made of many different materiels, for different purposes, theres plastic PVC pipes, alluminium, steel, copper, brass, concrete, titanium, iron, ect.

How are concrete sewer pipes made?

Concrete and cast Iron pipes are made of cast iron and plastic piping systems normally use plastics

What is PVC piping?

Utility pipes made out of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) a plastic.

What material is used to make whirley mugs used in most hospitals Do they use the same material used in plastic pipes?

No, pipes are made of PVC. Whirley hospital mugs are made from polypropylene.

Why are drain pipes made from plastic?

PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used for projects in which a drainage pipe has to hold up well against pressure and heavy weight. This type of drainage pipe can be constructed in a range of sizes and is very durable, even when exposed to chemicals.

What are the plastic pipes called that wires run through?

The pipes are PVC electrical conduits.

Can 2 pipe size share same heat number?

The two main pipes are plastic and metal. Plastic pipes have polyvinyl chloride and the metal pipes are either copper or stainless steel. Not all pipes have the same effective or be used the same.

Is there a difference in a hot and cold water plumbing pipe?

Hot water pipes are made of different material so that they can keep the water flowing through them at a hotter temperature. Hot water pipes are usually made of copper or some other heat conductive material, and cold pipes are usually made of plastic or other non conductive material.

What metal doesn't react with water?

platinum, gold, brass, acrylic, plastic, solder, and lots more. alloys that don't react with water are sequins, brass, steel, pewter and also many more.

What is iron pipes made of?

Iron pipes are made of iron.