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When applied to law enforcement agencies it means the geographical area over which the government they work for has legal authority. (e.g.: New York City PD cannot police in Albany. Chicago PD cannot police in St. Louis. Orlando PD cannot police in Tampa. Etc.)

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Q: What is police jurisdiction?
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How far does the Pasadena's police have jurisdiction?

City Police only have jurisdiction within the municipality (Pasadena, TX).

What is city police jurisdiction?

A city police officer's jurisdiction covers only those streets and areas that are inside of the city limits. Typically, a local police officer cannot legally conduct police business outside of his or her jurisdiction.

What is the jurisdiction of police dept in Virginia?

It depends on what department you are referring to. Municipal departments have jurisdiction within their town/city. County Sheriffs and County Police Depts have jurisdiction anywhere within their county, includng the towns and cities. The State Police have jurisdiction anywhere in the state.

What is the jurisdiction of police power?

public safety

Do police have jurastriction on a dock?

Some police do have jurisdiction on a dock. It technically depends on the specific area they are told to patrol. If the police officer is told to patrol the dock and it is in his jurisdiction, then he surely is in control of that area.

What is the jurisdiction for the LAPD?

Los Angeles police department

How do you press charges for battery on a supervoron your job?

file a police report with the police in the jurisdiction of your workplace.

Age restriction on becoming police officer?

Will depend on the jurisdiction.

What are police's responsibilities?

Protection of the public and to enforce the laws of their jurisdiction.

What does juridicise mean?

Jurisdiction is area overseen by an authority such as police.

Can a city police not sit outside and stop you outside their jurisdiction and cite you for speeding?

Usually any type of police officer can pull you over for speeding , even if they are not in there own jurisdiction .

How do you remove a squatter from your property?

You can try the police first, and if the police are unable, you will have to resort to eviction laws in your jurisdiction.

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