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What is poolman?

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A person who cleans the pool

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What has the author David Poolman written?

David Poolman has written: 'David Poolman' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

When was Jim Poolman born?

Jim Poolman was born on 1970-05-15.

When was Danie Poolman born?

Danie Poolman was born on 1989-03-10.

When did Marylu Poolman die?

Marylu Poolman died on May 22, 2004, in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.

When was Marylu Poolman born?

Marylu Poolman was born on October 3, 1936, in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

What has the author Mark Graham Poolman written?

Mark Graham Poolman has written: 'Computer modelling applied to the Calvin Cycle'

What has the author Jacqueline Sarico Poolman written?

Jacqueline Sarico Poolman has written: 'Over grenzen' -- subject- s -: Consolation, Diaries, Spiritualism

What movie and television projects has Sean Poolman been in?

Sean Poolman has: Played Manny Jones in "Kings of South Beach" in 2007. Played Bartender in "Castle" in 2009. Played Brandon in "Single Ladies" in 2011. Played Leeto in "Americana" in 2013. Played Dominik Davis (3 D) in "Mouthpiece" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Reluctant Narrator - 2007?

The cast of The Reluctant Narrator - 2007 includes: David Poolman as Narrator

Is Desteni in South Africa a cult?

Yes it is. It has a leader, Bernard Poolman, who dictates what the members will do. The group isolates it's members from family and friends. Their "supposed goal" is an equal money system for the world. Poolman keeps control of the members by having them "self forgive" themselves, exposing very personal information about their lives. Those that don't agree with the Desteni words, are not welcome on their website or to respond to any member on their personal web pages. Desteni members study an "i process" course, for $200 a month. This goes to Poolman. It's definitely a cult.

What actors and actresses appeared in Through Innocent Eyes - 2011?

The cast of Through Innocent Eyes - 2011 includes: Robert Goodall as Dad Kalan Poolman as Kalan

What actors and actresses appeared in Americana - 2013?

The cast of Americana - 2013 includes: Alie Craig as Angel Sean Poolman as Leeto Calvin Sykes as Goon Valentina Zell as Heaven

What actors and actresses appeared in Ein Trompeter kommt - 1977?

The cast of Ein Trompeter kommt - 1977 includes: Thomas Langhoff Rolf Ludwig Marylu Poolman Uta Schorn Hans Teuscher

What actors and actresses appeared in Pierre und Isabelle - 1966?

The cast of Pierre und Isabelle - 1966 includes: Hans Joachim Preil as Olivier Genia Lapuhs as Sophie Marylu Poolman as Isabelle Monika Woytowicz as Lulu

What actors and actresses appeared in Alle meine Kinder - 1976?

The cast of Alle meine Kinder - 1976 includes: Regina Beyer Wesselin Georgiew Ingeborg Krabbe Madeleine Lierck Marylu Poolman Horst Preusker Horst Schulze

What actors and actresses appeared in Dincolo de bariera - 1965?

The cast of Dincolo de bariera - 1965 includes: Stefan Banica Mircea Constantinescu Ion Dichiseanu as Vulpasin Irina Ionescu as Nastasia Marylu Poolman Silviu Stanculescu as Luca

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Mann seiner Frau - 1972?

The cast of Der Mann seiner Frau - 1972 includes: Wolfgang Arnst Gisela Graupner Traudi Harprecht Angelika Heine Rolf Herricht as Akos Zolyom Klaus Nietz Marylu Poolman as Maria Zolyom Siegfried Seibt

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Fischers und ihre Frauen - 1980?

The cast of Die Fischers und ihre Frauen - 1980 includes: Renate Blume as Edda Fischer Marylu Poolman Alfred Struwe as Johannes Fischer Heidemarie Wenzel as Sonja Heydt Bodo Wolf as Harry Fischer

What actors and actresses appeared in Fahrschule - 1986?

The cast of Fahrschule - 1986 includes: Hilmar Baumann Detlef Heintze as Reschke Daniela Hoffmann as Elvira Stefan Kamarys Otto Mellies as Hempel Marylu Poolman Peggy Roeder Jaecki Schwarz Steffie Spira as Resolute alte Dame Ursula Staack Simone von Zglinicki as Maria

What actors and actresses appeared in Hasenherz - 1988?

The cast of Hasenherz - 1988 includes: Charlotte Bastian as Sabine Bettina Hohensee as Janni Volkmar Kleinert as Regisseur Berger Susanne Kusche as Birgit Gertraud Last Marylu Poolman as Lehrerin Frank Ruttloff as Michael Jaecki Schwarz as Kameramann Mario von Jascheroff as Regieassistent Clemens Ziesenitz as Sebastian

What actors and actresses appeared in Nachbarinnen - 2004?

The cast of Nachbarinnen - 2004 includes: Frank Auerbach as Manfred Kirsten Block as Policewoman Wolfgang Boos as Alex Matthias Brenner as Policeman Simone Kabst as Linda Marcus Kaloff as Stefan Detlef Kapplusch as Humm Helge Lang as Marklein Ramona Libnow as Gabi Dagmar Manzel as Dora Svea Meiken Petersen as junge Frau Marylu Poolman as Rosa Zimmer Grazyna Szapolowska as Jola

What actors and actresses appeared in Crimes of the Future - 1970?

The cast of Crimes of the Future - 1970 includes: Sheldon Cohen Stefan Czernecki Kaspars Dzeguze Iain Ewing George Gibbins William Haslam Udo Kasemets Jon Lidolt Brian Linehan Rafe Macpherson Jack Messinger Ronald Mlodzik as Adrian Tripod Paul Mulholland Don Owen Willem Poolman Leland Richard Norman Snider Aus von Blicke William Wine Raymond Woodley Stephen Zeifman Tania Zolty

What actors and actresses appeared in Das blaue Licht - 1976?

The cast of Das blaue Licht - 1976 includes: Klaus Ebeling as Soldat Pedro Hebenstreit as Henker Carl Heinz Choynski as General Willi Janotte Victor Keune Blanche Kommerell as Anne Jochen Lenk Marylu Poolman as Hexe Wilfried Pucher as Hermann Kurt Radeke as Wirt Hans Schmidt Uwe Schmidt as Singender Mann Jaecki Schwarz as Knut Viktor Semyonov as Hans Katharina Thalbach as Prinzessin Hasso von Lenski as Posten Heinz

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Tangospieler - 1991?

The cast of Der Tangospieler - 1991 includes: Hilmar Baumann Hermann Beyer as Dr. Berger Jeannine Burch Klaus Glowalla Michael Gwisdek as Hans-Peter Dallow Christine Harbort Corinna Harfouch as Elke Anne Kasprik Michael Kind Katrin Klein Katka Kurze Wilfried Loll Harry Merkel Marylu Poolman Peter Prager as Roessler Ilona Schulz Jaecki Schwarz as Harry Peter Sodann as Schulze Erich Thiede

What actors and actresses appeared in Sons of Matthew - 1950?

The cast of Sons of Matthew - 1950 includes: Barbara Armstrong as Cathy as a Child Marion Dickson as Rose as a Child John Fegan as Jack Rodney Fielder as Luke as a Child John Fleeting as Doctor Wendy Gibb as Cathy McAllister Baby Lawson as Molly as a Child Max Lemon as Barney as a Child Carrie Moore as Midwife Betty Orme Nonnie Peifer Alan Poolman as Dan McGregor Wilfrid Thomas as Narrator Jimmy White as Mickey as a Child Laurel Young