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What is pottasium permanganate?

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Potassium permanganate is a chemical compound with formula KMnO4

. It is violet-black in colour. It consists of Potassium, manganese

and oxygen atoms. It is an oxidizing agent as here manganese is in

+7 oxidation state. It is very soluble in water giving purple

solutions. It can oxidize aldehydes to carboxylic acids, and

secondary alcohols into ketones. It dissolves in many acids to give

Manganese(II) salts. It is also reduced in strong alkaline

conditions to Manganate (MnO4-2) ions, which are greenish in

colour. It is a strong oxidizer, so it may cause many organic

materials to catch fire on its contact. It can stain the skin, to

brown colour. It has a horrible taste, and it will also stain the

tongue and damage some taste buds. It also has antiseptic

properties, so it is sometimes used in water purification.

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