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The price of titanium necklace is depends upon the decorative and designs with amount of alloys used in that necklace. Overall average price of titanium jewellery started from $150 that is available in stores as like tatias

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One of my customer in France,his name is jules,his company specialized with titanium necklaces production.His titanium necklaces sold very well.

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What are the benefits of the titanium necklace?

For the company selling them, $$$$. For you, nothing.

What kind of necklace does Jose Reyes wear on the field?

an orange/blue beaded necklace with titanium

What is the cord around MLB pitchers neck for?

It is a Phiten titanium necklace.

How much price for scrap titanium?

Scrap titanium changes daily.

Today titanium kg price in Indian currency?

what is the price of titanium class 1 in todays market in us $

Can you swim with a titanium necklace on?

YES you can swim with it on the chlorine won't harm anything on it

Titanium metal per kg rate?

What is the Price of Titanium According to INR

What does a titanium necklace do for your body?

It does absolutely nothing for you. Dumbasses like Trevor believe in the bulls***

Titanium scrap price in India?

The Titanium scrap price in India costs between 10 and 11 United States dollars.

What is current price of titanium per kg in rupee?

the cost of Titanium is INR4.50Lakhs....... as on 2009

How much titanium cost per gram?

titanium price per 10 grm

What is the value price of titanium?

It depends whether you are looking for regular titanium or ferro titanium. It can range from $2.25 to $8.50 per pound.

How much for a diamond neclace on the price is right?

It depends on what kind of diamond necklace it is. Not every diamond necklace on the show will have the same price.

What is titanium metal worth?

Price changes. Titanium Ingot is around $16.50 per lb

What is the Current price of titanium bar?

A Titanium ingot is going for about $20 on 10/24/2010.

What is the price for a gold heart shaped necklace pendant?

If its real and depending on the length of it ,it could run a price between $25-$100 for this necklace

What is the normal cost of a titanium ring?

Before knowing the basic normal price of titanium I want to tell you that the price of titanium prefers on the %of using metals and chemical components. Apart from that there price is started from $8 onwards according to their market demand and components. Most of titanium using in industrial and jewellery purpose that are available in stores as Tatias

What are advantages and disadvantages of Titanium?

In fact,titanium in China is not so expensive .the price is almost close to steel.

What does TI mean stamped on a necklace?

As the Common Metal Marks Stamped Inside Rings, TI=Titanium

What is the current price of titanium?

Titanium is a commodity and the price changes daily. As do rates of exchange. This website (among others) lists the price at around $19/kilogram as of the end of March, 2010. If you ask again in a month, or a year, the price will be different.

Is the titanium power tornado necklace fake?

No they are real I have one but I believe that they do not work they are just a cool thing to wear and to have.

What is the average price of a real opal necklace?

A price of a real opal necklace can vary, depending on the size of the necklace and where one would purchase it. Some opal necklaces can be purchased for $100, where others can cost in the thousands! The average price would have to be around a couple hundred dollars.

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