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What is procedure for GMAT exams?


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January 11, 2010 5:22AM

For scoring well in GMAT CAT it is necessary to stress on each and every section individually.

You have to find out your weaknesses sincerely and have to work on them.


If you consider my suggestion then I will say that think about the topic given to you for a while before start writing, and then write down the points comes in your mind.


There is nothing extraordinary in math section, you will find that, there are those types of questions which you have faced earlier in your preparatory tests or sample papers. So, keep practicing hard and keep viewing sample papers. Because practice tests helps the most in these competitive exams.


Understand the basics of the subject and prepare accordingly.

Join any online test series because I think that it is the best way of preparation. Because from test series you will get the ideas of questions. If I talk about online test providers then I most prefers, because these are trusted online test providers.