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What is procrastination?

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Procrastination means to 1. postpone something; 2. to hold off on doing something; 3. to wait till later to do something.

Procrastination is to put things off, as in not doing things in a timely manner. To procrastinate is the same thing, just a different tense of the word. A procrastinator is a person who procrastinates.

Examples of procrastination:

I can study for this test by pulling an all-nighter

my dog ate my homework

my teacher will give me an extension on my project

i will get to it later

Famous quote: Procrastination is the thief of time.

~ Edward Young

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How do you spell procrastination?

Procrastination is the correct spelling.

What is a sentence with the word procrastination?

I will wait until tomorrow to answer this question and then give you an example of procrastination in a sentence.

When is best in procrastination?

In my opinion, nothing good comes out of procrastination.

What is a sentence using the word Procrastination?

I'll put a stop to my procrastination tomorrow. Procrastination often results in desperation to meet a deadline.

What is a sentence with procrastination?

Your procrastination will not get the grass cut before supper time.

What is procrastination of duty?

Procrastination of duty is delay in doing something that you are supposed to do.

How do you use procrastination in a sentence?

Putting off unpleasant tasks is a sign of procrastination.

How do you use the word procrastination in a sentence?

His procrastination meant that he had three reports to finish by Tuesday. She waited too long to apply for the job, and later regretted her procrastination.

How do you stop procrastination-?

procrastination can be stopped when someone stops thinking and start doing things

Who is the Greek god of procrastination?

Well there wasn't and isn't a god or procrastination in any religion.

Who said procrastination is the enemy of time?

Edward Young. Poet.He said: "Procrastination is the thief of time."

Is it procrastination if you have nothing to do?

No, procrastination is failing to do something in a timely manner. Putting things off until later.

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What causes procrastination?

The reason for procrastination may be different with each person. Some common causes of procrastination include laziness, rebellion, no motivation, not knowing how to start something, fatigue, and lack of focus.

What is the opposite of procrastination?


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What is a synonym for procrastination?


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What has the author Jane B Burka written?

Jane B. Burka has written: 'Procrastination' -- subject(s): Procrastination

A sentence for procrastination?

Procrastination is a serious problem here at the office. Everyone procrastinates and then it's a scramble to get the projects done at the end.

What is procrastinatinand what causes procrastination and how do you adviod procrastination?

procrastination are people who are said to procrastinate when they put off doing task or job until the possible moment. the causes of procrastination are, problem getting started, fear of failure, feeling overwhelmed by the task and lack of adviod procrastination.adviod setting youself up for failure.

What is the word for not doing something?


What is the point of Mysteries?

Probably for procrastination.

Is procrastination an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'procrastination' is an abstract noun, a word for the act of postponing or delaying something that should be done.

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