What is promotin of tourism?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is promotin of tourism?
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Promotin better palpation and sometimes visual position of a vein?

Brachial vein

Basic forms of tourism?

seaside tourism mountain tourism. sport tourism. cultural tourism. health tourism. rural tourism. business tourism. shopping tourism.

Four forms of tourism?

There are four forms that tourism can be classified into. There is international tourism, internal tourism, domestic tourism, and national tourism.

What are the major economic activities of Hawaii?

tourism tourism tourism

What are the classification of tourism product?

business tourism leisure tourism domestic tourism

What is trelawny major economic activity?


Is it important to study the heritage tourism?

yes... for a great future in tourism industry or for a bright knowledge about tourism you must have all the knowlwdge about kindda of tourism. Heritage tourism is not just a kind of travel. eco-tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, dark tourism, adventure tourism, etc are the kind of tourism. Study them too.

What are sport tourism categories?

Sports tourism resorts sports tourism attractions sports tourism cruises sports tourism tours sports tourism events

What is tourism typology?

Typology is the study of type so tourism typology is the study of the types of tourism. For example: Wildlife Tourism; Eco-Tourism; Dark Tourism ect.

What is National Tourism?

It comprises domestic tourism and outbound tourism.

Name four type of tourism?

name 4 type of tourism 1-yoga tourism 2-advancture tourism 3-ice-land tourism 4-eco tourism

What is the meaning of Islamic Tourism?

Islamic Tourism means tourism of Islam