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If you have the four port vacuum switch there are two ports on the bottom and two running vertical, kind of like an upside-down "T". For the two on the bottom one comes from the vacuum advance and the other comes from the distributor delay valve. This is the valve after the "Y" in the vacuum line coming from the vacuum advance. The next one that runs vertical to the two bottom one, or the middle one, connects to EFE (or the butterfly on the exhaust manifold). The port on top goes to manifold vacuum source behind the carburator.

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Q: What is proper routing-connection of vacuum lines to thermostatic vacuum switch connectors?
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Where is the thermostatic switch on a 1990 Mazda 626 located?

you should be able to find a shop manual at the local library with the right information on this -- make copies of the pages, as they are usually for REFERENCE only...:)

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