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What is protective order?

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An order by the criminal court to protect a victim from threats/harassment/violence and often any contact by an arrested offender who is/was a family or household member, parent of the victim's child, or dating the victim. A PO is requested by the prosecutor and usually ends when the case ends. Violation of a PO is an additional crime for which the offender may be arrested. Also: If an objection is made to a discovery request because it seeks information of a sensitive nature, is not relevant, or is harassing in nature, a motion is made for a protective order. A common example is medical information that is clearly irrelevant to the injuries claimed, will not lead to admissible evidence, and which is of a sensitive nature. The court may grant a protective order allowing a party or witness to not comply with a discovery request for that information. In some instances, protective orders may allow the defense attorney to review the information, but will dictate how the information is to be stored, who has access to it, and what happens to the information once the case concludes. A protective order is essentially the same thing as a restraining order or injunction. It's an order granted by the court that protects one individual from another by providing stipulations like how close the offending individual can come, whether or not contact is allowed by phone, etc. It's usually granted to those in fear of physical or emotional danger.

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Q: What is protective order?
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What are the consequences of breaking a protective order in VA?

Define what you mean by a "protective order." If you are referring to a 'restraining order" or a 'keep-away order' any violation of it could result in your immediate arrest.

Can a minor file a protective order against her father's girlfriend who lives with them?

You'd have to file child abuse charges against her, not a protective order.

What is the Punishment for breaking protective order?

in Indiana????

Can emancipation remove a protective order against a parent?

That would depend on prevailing law in the state where the order was issued and the circumstances surrounding the protective order. You need to consult with an attorney for an informed opinion.

What is a consent protective order?

One party has requested a court to issue a protective order. If the opposing party agrees to the order, usually with modifications, and the court itself agrees with those modications, the order is called a consent order because both parties have consented to the order being issued.

What does BPOE stand for?

The Benevolant and Protective Order of Elks of the USA.

Can you take a warrant on someone for text if there is a protective order against them?


What are the physiological importance of protective colloids?

The protective features help the colloids to survive. These need to be kept in good order to help the colloids.

Can a victim vacate an order of protection?

No because it is an ORDER and an ORDER must be carried out. The protective order is set in place to protect you and the accused.

How does one get a termiation of the protective order?

The court that issued the order would need to issue another order rescinding the original order.

What is a legal document that prohibits something from happening?

An injunction, stay order, cease and desist order, restraining order or protective order.

What do you do if you are served with a protective order?

Obey the order and contact an attorney about going to court to have the order rescinded if you believe ther is no probable cause for the order.

Can a protective order be placed on a person who already filed a protective order against the other person?

Yes but you have to have a very good reason for the orderAdded: The courts take a VERY dim view of requests for "tit-for-tat" court orders.

What do you do if you get threatened?

File a police report; get a restraining/protective order from a judge.

Your ex file a protective order on you and its false what happen?

Nothing yet

What is the proper order for putting on protective clothing?

gown, gloves, mask

Can the victim violate a protective order in Texas?

No, they work both ways.

What are fundamental characteristics of a protective device?

in order to avoid equpement and damage.

How do you get a protective order revoked in Oklahoma?

File paperwork in Court and Talk to the Judge.

Can a person with a protective order contact the violater?

Not directly, no. Protective orders and restraining orders work both ways... if you need to contact them, you do so through an attorney.

If a husband get an order of protection can he travel with his wife in another country?

If the husband has an order of protection from his wife, it applies everywhere. If a person has a protective order restraining another person from contacting them, and would then like to have contact with that person, the person who obtained the order should go back to the court and ask the court to dismiss the original protective order.

Statute of limitations on violation of protective order?

There isn't any. As long as the order is in force and has not expired or been withdrawn, it is valid.

What is the past tense if protective?

There is no past tense of protective. No matter what tense you choose it is still protective. I am being protective. I was being protective. I will be protective.

How can you tell if your protective order is falsely given?

Call the office of the Clerk of The Court that issued the order and ask. They will either confirm or deny that it is a valid order.

How long does a restraining order lasts in Massachusetts?

The length of an order is outlined in the order itself. A restraining or protective order may be for a limited period of time, or it may be permanent. Read the order.