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There is no public information available on Pseudonymous Bosch's favorite food. Pseudonymous Bosch is an anonymous author who keeps their personal details private.

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Pseudonymous Bosch's favourite food is chocolate, the dark kind. He also quite likes cheese. And he hates/fears mayonaise.

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Q: What is pseudonymous bosch's favorite food?
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Is Raphael Simon Pseudonymous Bosch?

Yes, Raphael Simon is the real name of the author who wrote the "The Secret Series" under the pseudonym Pseudonymous Bosch.

Is PSeudonymous Bosch a woman?

No. Pseudonymous Bosch is a man, as he is often addressed as "Mr. Bosch".

Where does Pseudonymous Bosch live?

Pseudonymous Bosch's true identity and whereabouts are not publicly known as he is a pseudonymous author who maintains his anonymity.

Is pseudonymous Bosch a man?

Yes, Pseudonymous Bosch is a man. It has been confirmed by inside sources.

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Pseudonymous Bosch's real identity is not publicly known, so his date of birth is not available. Pseudonymous Bosch is the pen name of the author of the "Secret" series of books for children and young adults.

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