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Quel jour est-ce means 'What day is it ?'

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Quel jour est-il? means "What day is it?"

What does quel jour est-ce mean?Question type of sentence.'Jour" : day --> representation/ positionning in time space'est-ce": is it? /What? --> interogationAnswer: Quel jour est-ce? (What day is it?)

no that means nothing. if you want to say "what day is it ?" you should say : "quel jour sommes-nous ?" or "quel jour est-on ?"

C'est quel jour? - What day is it?

Quel est la plat du jour? in French is "What is the dish of the day?" in English.

Quel jour est pour notre amour? in French is "What day is for our love?" in English.

Je vous donne vous repose a la fin du jour je quel suis meaning in English

quel jour froid This is according to the translation website

Quel jour est tu né(e) ? -

"Which day is the 30th?" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Quel jour est le trente? The pronunciation will be "kel zhoor ey luh trawnt" in French.

Which day do you prefer at collège? (What is your favourite day in school?)

It means "What day is it today?" in English.

aujourd'hui nous sommes le jeudi 1er avril.

Nous sommes quel jour aujourd'hui, On est quel jour aujourd'hui, Quel jour est-on aujourd'hui, and Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd'hui? are French equivalents of the English phrase "What day is today?" Context makes clear whether the colloquial, conversational, friendly, informal "One is what day today?" (case 1) or "We're (at) what day today?" (example 2) or the more standard "What day is one (at) today?" (example 3) and "What day are we (at) today?" (instance 4) suit. The respective pronunciations will be "noo sum kel zhoor o-zhoor-dwee," "o-ney kel zhoor o-zhoor-dwee," "kel zhoo-rey-to-zhoor-dwee" and "kel zhoor sum-noo o-zhoor-dwee" in French.

"What is the day that comes before?" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Quel est le jour qui précède? The pronunciation will be "ke-ley luh zhoor kee prey-sed" in French.

You would say "C'est Mardi" (It's Tuesday) - as I answered this on Tuesday, 22nd January.

"Quel jour de la semaine allez-vous à l'église?"

nous sommes aujourd'hui (lundi, mardi, etc...)quel jour sommes-nous aujourd'hui ?

My head hurts: Ma tête blesse What a day: quel jour oh well: oh bien

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