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What is rag bologna make from?


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July 07, 2017 8:40PM

Rag Bologna is the same as regular bologna except it contains more salt and more cereal content as a filler. It is normally wrapped in a fine mesh cloth but can be wrapped in plastic. It tastes different than regular bologna but is hard to find except in the south. IMO, it tastes batter than regular bologna.

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December 22, 2011 8:42AM

Rag bologna is a sacred sausage. It is extracted from the souls of the dragons of Brisherdran. These dragons have the power to change the flow of time. Eating this sacred sausage can give one the power of the winged beasts of fire known to mortals as dragons. The world is a better place with this sacred sausage in our hands. In short, this sausage is made of dragon souls.

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