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Honestly love to me means sacrifice, putting your significant other before yourself or putting the person you love interests before your own. Love is many things, all but cruel. Now, don't confuse the people in the relationship with true love because people hurt each other but love does not; its always there waiting for you to feel it or give it again. It's the most powerful emotion ever. I believe in God and know that even though it may seem impossible, it is always possible to love again.

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Q: What is really meant by love?
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What is love really meant to be?


What is meant by I really fabricates you?

Its mean to like someone or you can say love.

Can you give a speech on love and romance?

well really love is meant to be an emotion that nobody else can feel for you

Why does love have to be so complicated?

so, that you can find who you are really meant to be with!! and who god wants you to be with:)

How can a girl love when she doesn't love you?

A girl loves whoever she really really likes...and does not pick just happens. Maybe it's just not meant to be you.

What is meant by lifelong learning and why is it important?

i really dont know the answer haha love ya

What is meant for you love and get love?

for you to love someone and receive love back, you must be able and willing to give as much as you get. If they really love you, they will show you, but you must be willing to show them as well.

How you forget your love?

You will never really forget your love, but if she she/he didn't feel the same way about you then it wasn't meant to be and you will someday come across someone who does love you and you them.

What can i do if i am in love with a girl and she doesn't love me back and she only want to be friends?

Become really good friends with her and if its meant to be she will like you back :)

What to do when you love somebody and you are moveing but your 11tears old?

if its meant to be then it will happen., cant really do anything else but that. =)

How do you make someone you're in love with love you most?

You don't. You can have feelings for someone for years, but if it isn't meant to be, it isn't meant to be. And I know that it hurts, I've been there, and it will always hurt a little, but if you really love them ,you'll let them live their life for them, not you.

How do you say gods love in hebrew?

gods love = elilim ohavim (אלילים) But if you really meant "God's love" it's Ahavat Hashem (אהבת ה׳)

What is meant by they talked of love and preached of love?

You know the saying practice what you preach? It means if you really believe in what you say, you'll do it. Talking of love means, of course you know, but it's not really something you believe. Ex: You talk of love for me, but do you really mean it? But when you preach something, you're pasionate about it. You crave it. You love it. Preaching of love is more just mean it more.

What if he loves you but he doesn't want to be with you?

Then he is either confused or truly doesn't love you. If he loved you and really meant it, he would want to be with you.

What is meant by Denuder?

it must be love love love/.......................

When is the best time to do it?

After marriage, when you know this person has really dedicated themselves to you and you to them. When you know it's meant for forever. If they can wait for you, and you can wait for them, then you know it really is true love.

Does Bella really love edward?

Yes, of course. Its in the novel isn't it? If you meant to ask whether Kristen Really loves Robert, I can't be sure, but that's not really any of my business.

Will you ever get to see your true love again?

Well, i really don't know if this answer will answer your question here buttums... if you had to let the person go, your true love, and if you both are really meant to be then of course years later you'll meet up again. If you two are not meant to be, then i guess that's the end of it. x] -Khristy ;

How do you write i love you always?

You write "I love you always" by writing ... "I love you always."I am not sure what you meant to ask with this question - if you click on the "improve" button beside the question, you can rewrite it to mean what you were really asking.

Where can one listen to my love music?

Youtube is the best website to listen to all kinds of music included My Love music. when i look at the search results not really clear to what is meant with My Love Music.

Would girls go out with a 5'4 tall guy?

it depends on if its really meant to be and if its love. also it depends how tall the girl is

What should you do when a girl has a man?

Just let them be. If you love the girl then you have to move on and let go. The real thing is that she belongs to someone else. You will just hurt yourself by hoping and you will waste half of your life if you wait. You have to let go, and if she's really meant for you, then love will find its way or else she's not really meant for YOU!!

How does a love test work?

Love tests are not really a accurate depiction of ones relationship. Make sure that you don't take them literally, they are meant to be fun and are a good tool for conversation.

Dear John quotes and page numbers for English project HELP?

"...I finally understood what true love really meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be." (333)

What is true love really?

true love is if someone really loves you and you really love them.